Paradise is Bali!

Paradise is Bali!

Jul 17, 2016, 3:02:06 AM Life and Styles

Today I am going to be sharing two of my favourite things in the world, travelling and food. I am turning 19 this year and getting here was not easy. Travelling and Food made it a tad easier. So here I am, sharing my love for the world and it's taste with you. 

The country I would be sharing is considered magical and mystical to me. No, it is not a glamorous island, however it has its charm in every corner. It is Bali! My summer vacations are usually spent in Bali, therefore after being there for multiple times, I slowly fell in love with her. It is modern yet, full of culture and history. It is not a develop country, you would still be able to see ruins here and there, but that's the beauty of it. The slow pace living, the kindness from the locals (especially their smiles) and the freshness of produce. That's what makes Bali beautiful. 

Whenever I visit Bali, there are three restaurants I would frequent. My family love patronising these restaurants as they are reasonably priced, with great ambiance and most importantly, AMAZING FOOD. 

The first restaurant I would talk about is Ultimo. Ultimo serves great Italian food such as homemade pasta, thin-crusted oven baked pizzas and lovely seared steaks. They are packed every night and at times, we would need to make reservations for dinner. They are classy family-friendly restaurant, which is why my parents love it there. Their staffs are efficient and service is great. If you have any chance while in Bali, do check Ultimo out!


The next restaurant/cafe serves a chic and healthy blends of delights. It is called Sisterfields. They serve a variety of superfood from pumpkin salads to fresh press healthy green juices. It is a place for you to chill and catch up with your mates. It is family-friendly, brunch friendly and for picky eaters, this is the cafe for you as they serve a variety of food and you would be spoiled for choices. You might like to visit at a non-peak period as during lunch and dinner, the cafe might get crowded, so try your luck before peak hours. 

Lastly, the restaurant/cafe that I love is Revolver Espresso cafe. It is a place for a good cuppa, great for breakfast/brunch/lunch. They are a rocker-chic cafe with food such as avocado on toast and eggs benedict. They have a good choice of food for the young and old. The staffs are friendly and happy, providing you with good service and your morning boost!  

Bali dishes up good food at every corner and every lane, serving you local delights and western favourites. You would not need to fret if you are travelling with young children as there would be suitable dishes for them. Whenever I visit Bali, I would weigh a little heavier every time I am back home. 

I have not toured the entire island, but seeing bits and pieces of Bali already brighten me up. Another thing I love about the island are their sunsets/sunrises. The horizons changing colour from the bright star above has a very impactful image on me. It got appreciating the surroundings and the gorgeous objects God has created. I would be standing there in awe for a few minutes, admiring the gradience in the sky. 

The nature of Bali is so calming and peaceful, a break from the globalised and modern Singapore. I appreciate every moment I was there, taking in the nature's vibe. I cannot wait for my next visit to tropical Bali and I hope I have excite you to visit! Below are some of my shots while in the island. 


Well, I have come to the end of my post today. I hope you have enjoyed this piece as much as I have love writing it. Do visit Big On Food for more Bali and Travel Adventures. Thank you for reading and till the next time, See you!  

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For more informations on the restaurants... 

Ultimo, Jl. Kayu Aya 104X Oberoi-SeminyakSeminyak 80361, Indonesia. Operating hours from 4.30PM to 1AM, daily.

SisterfieldsJl. Kayu Cendana No.7, Seminyak, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali, Indonesia. Operating hours from 7AM to 11PM, daily. 

Revolver EspressoJl kayu aya / Gang 51 Seminyak - Oberoi Bali, Indonesia. Operating hours from 7AM to 6PM, daily. 

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