Pernille Ravn Author On My Trending Stories

Here are some random and somewhat useless facts about me: 

I can watch a movie anytime. Literally, just ask my friends. War of The Worlds from 2005 was the first movie that really caught my interest in the genre science fiction and the movie still freaks me outs. My day is basically ruined if I find out I left my headphones at home. I love reading because of the way you get to step into the shoes of the character(s) and feel what they're feeling. I post photos on my Instagram on a daily basis because I love taking photos and experimenting with photography. I LOVE traveling and I have a never-ending love for Canada and I dream of living there someday. Writing is very new to me and it was never something I thought of doing but writing something that people enjoy makes me very happy. I have an unexplainable fear of the dark. My mom says it's because I have a wild imagination and watch too many scary (and slightly) unrealistic movies. I passed my driving test the first time but I honestly think my teacher felt sorry for me because I had over 10 extra lessons. (I am a perfectly safe driver in case you're worrying). I talk to my dog, or any dog, because I'm that kind of girl. I am very creative and therefore never bored.