Off We Go Again

Off We Go Again

Oct 19, 2017, 6:29:09 PM Life and Styles

What with the unexpected warm weather, and Max having a day off school due to the teachers having a training day, we went to the park.

As always, in this particular park, Max loves to have his picture taken at this fountain.

What a glorious autumn day indeed!

Max in the distance running towards the cafe to obtain blue ice cream.

Got it! Although not as deep a blue as he expected.

Once finished, Max was scooting around, when we came across this plaque,

Naturally, Little Yum-Yum asked me what it was for. Boy, did I struggle to tell him after I Googled the gentleman’s name. Anyway, I told Max he was a brave man as he saved lives of others. “Did he die then, mummy?”. I had a choice; tell the truth or lie. I responded that he had – 100 years ago.

Max burst into tears and said he wanted the man to live again. He couldn’t understand why it had happened. I found it very difficult to explain to him (in very little detail and in as child friendly terms as possible) about war.

I managed to calm him down by repeating that the gentleman had acted very bravely by his decision, and because of him, many others lived. He then turned and said “Mummy, I want to be a soldier so I can save lives too”. I could be wrong, but at his age, I cannot and will not go into detail about what being a soldier entails. Instead, I said “I thought you wanted to be an astronaut, Bubba?”. His response was that he wanted to be both, because he really wants to go to space (with me), but he also wants to save people.

Eager to change the subject, we decided it was time to head home, and came across this,

which reminded me of a previous post ‘When a Child Knows Better Than an Adult‘. I read the sign out to Max, and we had a giggle about the time he had told the guy to pick up his empty crisps packet.


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