Visit to Moorfields Eye Hospital ~ Part Two

Visit to Moorfields Eye Hospital ~ Part Two


Upon arrival to the children’s department, we were called after around a ten minute wait. We were taken to a room where drops would be administered, blurring his vision for up to twelve hours.

This picture was taken just after. Asking him to smile for me, this is what I got. I finally managed to get a face picture of Little Yum-Yum – even though he wasn’t too pleased about it!



His vision was checked, which came up with an excellent result. Turns out it’s just pigmentation, which had no damaging effects on his vision at all. Even with this being the case, it is better to be safe than sorry, so I am glad I still took him anyway.

Photos were taken of his eyes, and he has another appointment in nine months time.

He received stickers for being a very well behaved and chatty patient. Well, he actually asked for them… as you do when you’re Max!



I took him to his favourite place, The Kennington to have lunch. But he was still a little grumpy.



Asking him to smile for the camera (again), he managed this…



With his car collection in tow, he starting eating away at the fries, but was unimpressed when he caught me taking yet more photos.



Deciding that he didn’t care, he put Teddy aside and continued to eat and be grumpy. Thankfully, his mood picked up later.

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