When a Child Knows Better Than an Adult

When a Child Knows Better Than an Adult

Oct 12, 2017, 5:02:05 PM Life and Styles

So, this happened a couple of days ago...

For a couple of days en route to Max's school, we noticed a film crew who were shooting for a new programme soon to be aired on ITV. As Max and I was walking home after school, we were a few yards behind two of the crew members - one of which decided to drop his empty wrapper on the ground. Max spotted it straight away;

Mummy, that man dropped his crisps packet.

I told him I saw, but he wasn't letting this matter go. The two men stopped, so we eventually caught up with them. As we did, Max approached the culprit and said;

You dropped your crisps packet. You need to pick it up.

The guy told Max he was sorry, turned around and went to pick up his litter! Would Max leave? Nope. I told him we should go now, but he said;

No, I'm going to watch him to make sure he picks it up.

As the guy did as he was told, Max gave him a thumps up sign,

and the guy gave him the thumps up too - after putting his empty wrapper in his pocket to dispose of (when he had the opportunity I'm assuming!).

I power walked to that corner, laughing to myself of course!

Maximus - 1 : Adult - 0


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