The Best Cocktail Game Arcade Machines to Upgrade your Gaming Zone

The Best Cocktail Game Arcade Machines to Upgrade your Gaming Zone

Oct 18, 2021, 3:41:48 PM Life and Styles

Many of you are already a fan of arcade games and want to relive the moments as they have a huge impact on our childhood. Some people are crazy about games as it is not less than a melancholy for them. The gaming room with the super sound system and the game machines make a great combination to fulfill your wishes.

If you are a game lover then you must have dedicated a room to make a gaming zone. As a kid, you don’t have the freedom of having a game console in your home. But now, as you grew up with this nostalgia, collect the best Cocktail Game Table to fresh your mind. These machines contain your favorite games. If you are already excited to upgrade your personal entertainment space, these machines would give you the best options.

AB. INC. Exclusive

This machine is one of the best in terms of funky graphics and contains 412 classic games. At this machine, you can play the OG Arcade games such as Pac-Man and other titles like Frogger, Space Invaders, Galaga, Donkey Kong, and Centipede.

The Classic Cocktail Arcade Game is worth around $1,599 - $1,799. This machine has been prepared precisely considering both left and right-handed players. Moreover, it has the option of the quarter and free playing, with the 22 inches display and the high-quality practical board, it is the ideal machine you may want. When you have this Cocktail Game Table in your separate gaming space you are going to have the best fun hours.

Classic Barrel Arcade Game

This machine will not take much space and has the most appealing and creative arcades. It has been designed using a strong tempered glass top, banded like a wooden wine barrel. It gives you the option to play 60 or 412 games it’s up to you which one you choose. Moreover, it comes with bar stools, so you have the complete ease to enjoy the fun hours.

This could be the room’s centerpiece, not just as a Cocktail Game Table, but it looks like a coffee table with the amazing games at the top. It has a 19 inches display, and you can play on the free mode, or for the more enthusiastic experience, you can use coins also.

Creative Arcades Full-Size Cocktail Machine

The commercial-grade full-size cocktail table is the perfect option for gaming freaks. It has the tempting 26 inches screen, having the option of 1 or 2 players, and you can play 1162 games on it. All of the games are already installed so, you don’t have to get worried about the tricky setups.

It comes with two leather bar stools, and the joysticks, trackballs, and buttons in it remind you of 80’s time. These features make the Cocktail Game Table super appealing and give the best 80’s vibes. You will be the kid of that time when you start playing.

Prime Arcade Cocktail Machine

The retro 80’s favorite machine, with all of the time-honored essentials including Metal Slug, Q*Bert, and The Simpsons. It has two padded chrome stools, a 1/4-inch-thick glass top, and 26 inches display. It has over 1000 games that are more than enough to make your gaming hours filled with your favorite games. There is no need to get stressed over the complex setups, as it provides a simple plug-and-play option. It has a joystick for two players so you can enjoy the weekend with your friend’s gang.

There are a lot of old games available on the internet, but they don’t have that crystal clear vision as in the arcade table. But if you invest in the cocktail arcade machine you will have the quality of that era. You can get realistic vibes if you switch from playing for free and insert quarters.

Why do you need a Cocktail Game Machine?

Only a true gaming freak can understand the aesthetics of 80’s retro games. The gaming fans want separate spaces, and they only want the multi-games arcade machines. There are many standalone games available that are way too cheap but not loaded with 80’s games. The major problem with buying the mini versions of arcade games is, they come with only 1 or 2 games.

The multi-games Cocktail Game Table gives you access to over 1000 games, which means you are spending on the right thing and worth it for years. If you don’t want to eliminate the 80’s vibes then, go for the cocktail arcade machine.

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