Urban Pop Music, A legacy or a dishonor?

Urban Pop Music, A legacy or a dishonor?

Nov 26, 2021, 4:09:35 PM Entertainment

The word urban has always been used to notify the black African-Americans and with the revolutionary growth of human rights with the passage of time, the terminology of urban has now become a question to all concerning human rights particularly black people's rights.

The name itself is a legacy that has been carried forward from the 20th century but is it now considered as a dishonor? That’s a dilemma every artist related to it is concerned about. However, there have been many movements since 2018 to change the title of Urban Pop Music and eradicate “urban” from it.

Many social activists claim that associating black people with a name is itself a disgrace and a cause of discrimination among white and black people in the U.S. Witnessed by many, rights of black people are in fact not protected in the U.S so all this make it a strong case in favor of Black American rights protection. Yet it is unacceptable to urban music lovers to accept the change in legacy, Is it a threat to this legacy?

Before the legendary radio DJ and radio program director Frankie Crocker named this genre Urban Pop Music, it was known as “Race Record”. After this sensational change by Crocker, Black Music reached its new heights as it got commercialized brought fame and respect for the Blacks.

The urban contemporary jury is still keeping their heads straight, is it really this necessary to bring a change here? What would the world attain after this? Is it an unnecessary debate? All of these questions and no one to answer them. A dilemma stays!

Modern World of Urban Pop Music

“The young are an alien species”

These interesting words bring us back to when William Burroughs quoted it and notified the change in youths’ leisure pleasure. Since the early 21st Century, the change in youths’ taste in music and dance is diversifying and shifting towards new horizons of urban pop music.

People find pop culture as a symbol of freedom when they are appealed to tap on the floor dancing freestyled as to feel the bliss of independence. The New generation is the reason for the resulting improvised change in urban pop music, the reason behind it is their urge to make this world a free place for all.

Of course, this generation is now fond of fashion, city life, metropolitan town, and what is not related to modernism, the modern world as seen now demands more pop music. This era is all about dance and living your life to the fullest and urban pop allows them to do so. Why wouldn’t they be crazy about the very thing important in their lives?! This generation sure loves to dance.

As urban pop music artists, we are carriers of impact, regardless of whether we know about it and whether we mean to be. The sound and messages we discharge through our fine art straightforwardly sway our audience members in incredible ways.

We sing each word as loud as possible. Furthermore, when Katy Perry sang during the Super Bowl halftime show, the children at the party sang virtually every verse word for word, humiliating many since many don’t have the foggiest idea about every one of the verses and seeking to be an urban pop music artist. It started to stun me exactly how intensely youth are being affected by the music they paid attention to and how much consideration they’re paying to the music being played around them. I accept that the individuals who genuinely love and care about music are the ones who grew up paying attention to melodies that contacted them and addressed them significantly. I was very young when the music I paid attention to characterized me such a great deal my personality.

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