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Roleplay chronicler, free writer and tabletop war gamer.

After years of different jobs in various industries from offshore oil installations, to policing and veterinary care, I have always had a few things close to my heart:

Gaming/roleplay, love of animals (especially dogs and horses) and a wild imagination.

Except for my time at university, where I wrote some - often depressive - poetry, I've always made time for gaming to harness that imagination and in more recent years, begun the habit - for a little extra in game experience - chronicling our activities.

I struggle daily with crippling anxiety issues, that can develop from stresses to severe depressions, but have found comfort in the care and love of animals and exploring my creative outlets of gaming, writing and generally being social help massively.

Policing and veterinary care were my attempts to do something good for the world while being social / caring and working with animals. I quickly discovered that mixing work with my 'outlets' was a bad idea and essentially stole my outlet when work and pleasure became embroiled. 

Now I am unemployed due to my instability, but I hope that be sharing some of my 'paper adventures' that I can find a new life and freedom once again. 

Through my blog and now here, I give life to the dice rolls of my roleplaying groups and depth to our characters for the pleasure of you and I.

I have also just begun writing some fiction purely of my own imagination, apart from my roleplaying, which I intend to share here also.

Take a leaf through my stories to enter any one of these worlds and begin to enjoy your own adventures.

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