Legend of K'Darl: 2 - Challenging Faith and Graces

Legend of K'Darl: 2 - Challenging Faith and Graces

The 2nd accompanying poem to the Legend of K'Darl campaign that my friends and I are running.

Searching for answers they are sent to a city forged on the memory of a long past Dwarf hero, but although they hear more tales of shadows  slaying the folks of local settlements, it is not them they should fear this time, for more tangible foes await beneath.

A death leap spider and a plague of dire rats become troubling foes for our heroes even after dodging traps and solving riddles.

After the fights though, some begin to question their quest and whom they can trust, including the will of their King!


Challenging faith and graces

Venturing into to Dwarven realm
Where others failed to tread
With King’s orders at the helm
Our heroes feel no dread
Barriers fall before their eyes
With anvils, blood and sweat
Yet delving deep these Royal spies
May come to learn regret

Where every step might be their last
Cautious steps drain weary minds
Delving deep into K’Darl’s past
Searching spaces lost to time
Where  honoured few keep pushing on
Who would remember their loss
Not one, not even a song

Where death leaps from dark high places
Attacking the minds of unwary races
Where rodent teeth bite savage below
Their virulent pox laying warriors low
In Wardenton do these horrors lie
Such an unworthy place 
Were a hero to die
What is the meaning our heroes cry
Challenging faith and graces.



Published by Pete Fenner

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