Legend of K'Darl: 3 - The Long Road to Valantia

Legend of K'Darl: 3 - The Long Road to Valantia

The Long Road to Valantia

The road long and dusty, less traffic than should be
Half-elf missing, not one knowing where is she
Many miles to cover, through capital to lands beyond
Hauled ever on by Thunder for those carrots so fond

Reports brief and unhelpful, yet prompting to move
Anxious, restless, frustration, among our heroes brood
Darkness approaches, so about their fire they sit to warm
Yet unwelcome company find in savage scurrying swarm

Critters maim with tooth and claw
At exposed flesh they leap
With all their vicious filthy maws
Full of sharp and savage teeth
Warriors sweep and swipe about
Steel of their blades to flash
Reflecting fire in the metal ire
To rend flesh in bloody gash
As rodent swarm will not rout
Frustrated warriors begin to tire
When finally there are no more
Warriors sweat from every pore
Collapsing about the fire once more
The ground awash with gore

Driving on to bandit hold, where wooden palisade surrounds
Rolling Thunder left by the road, stealthy approach on enemy grounds
Below the eyes of lazy guards, their watches twenty feet above
Rakash and EMW advance, oil in hand, flint and steel in glove
A distraction they try to make, a fires begin to crackle
Yet EMW reveals them, with all his clunking tackle

Alarm raised, they act swift
Ganon vaults theatrically aloft
Yet try as he might, his target drifts
His landing tis not soft
For gauntlet lodged upon a spike
He must teleport into the croft

The rest sweep forth to the gate
To meet the bandits surging back
Amidst those wooden shutters tall
Arrows fly and orders called 
As entry the heroes try to take
With forceful thrust and hack

Now the hungry flames do gather
As consuming fence and post
Ganon yet grappling the archer
Struggling back and forth
Yet finally after all the blather
He throws archer to flaming host

Others battle fiercely on
Barely through the gate
Now fighting on three sides
Yet striking down the leaders
We see a shifting tide
Their foes’ morale abate

The flames too close, Ganon leaps
Singed scales and battered pride
Yet safe now from the crackling heat
To rejoin at the other’s sides

Pressing forth, the last are killed
Or fleeing beyond into the green
Running down the last of them
The party halts at something obscene
Out from tents a spectre walks
To cackle in their face
Of all that is good and holy
This thing is rank disgrace
It's mouth moves as if to talk
Curses and vile other things
Yet no words are heard
Just hate and silence it brings

Ever forward it begins to pace
Our heroes steel their hearts
Clash of metal on shadowy form
To tear the thing apart
It twists and shifts between them
From which hell was it born
Blasting magic to clear space

Yet with Rakash still standing firm
The others rush right on back
For victory they still yearn
With renewed strength attack
The creature, weakened becomes man
It's fate now secured in death
For now the heroes know they can
Take from it its final breath

With all the foes and threats removed, our heroes search the camp
The tents all reveal their secrets, of gold and items of worth
Fires consumed one half the post, but now the rains brings damp
Gathered supplies and back to the road, they ride away in mirth.




Published by Pete Fenner

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