Top 5 Benefits Of Cloud-Based Data Modeling And Data Analytics

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Top 5 Benefits Of Cloud-Based Data Modeling And Data Analytics

Jun 28, 2021, 12:52:49 PM Tech and Science

Business intelligence is a set of processes that analyze various types of data and seek out actionable information from them. Such information often helps executives and managers make informed decisions. However, the success of business intelligence depends a lot on data modeling. This is a system of creating a model for various types of data to be stored in the database. Needless to say, unless data is stored in a database in a coherent form it does not have any utility. To harvest data for business intelligence or any other purpose, you need to complete data modeling. The model represents a rule of engagement of different data objects between themselves. It enforces a visual representation of data. 


Data Modeling For Business Intelligence Is A Tough Job

 However, data modeling is not an easy job, especially when it comes to data modeling for business intelligence. Data modeling for business intelligence has to often encounter poor quality data since in these cases data may come from various engagements with the customer. So, developing a database for business intelligence is a huge headache for companies. Thankfully for them, there is an opportunity for BI Modeling onlineThis means you can now develop a database online and that too without writing any code. This is very helpful since unlike in traditional data modeling techniques you don’t need to be engrossed in data syntax, which defines the rule of association of various types of data and imparts a structure to it.


Benefits Of A Cloud-Based Data Modeling Platform


No More Banging Your Head For Proper Syntax

 Defining the syntax is one of the most critical, time-consuming, and difficult propositions in the whole of data modeling. Thankfully when you are doing it with a special technology you don’t at all need to think about syntax and not write a single code to ascertain the syntactical stuff. You just make sure that modeling is carried out in the right spirit. With such technologies and services, it is now possible to import your SQL script and automatically generate a database model. Also, you can make changes to it and generate a new SQL script for a new database model. 


No More Writing Long Codes

 In essence, with BI Modeling Online you no more need to write long codes. It is time to reverse engineering. Get a database, make suitable changes in it, generate new SQL scripts from it, import it and create another database. It is as simple as this. This is possible using a data platform for the cloud. 


Advanced functionality

 You can control versions of your project and generate alternate scripts. You can make a new database or data warehouse from these scripts and compare revisions.


Freedom on data query 

 Such a system comes with the freedom to query data on your terms. You can use server-less resources as well as provisional resources to raise queries. 


Powerful visualization

 The database model so created provides powerful visualization. It comes with the facility of object color coding, auto layout as well as dark & light themes. 



One of the best ways to structure data and build a model for business intelligence is online modeling. It also lets you document the database and export it to PNG.

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