Does Art Really Have No Limits? The Debate Continues

Does Art Really Have No Limits? The Debate Continues

Feb 1, 2021, 3:16:42 PM Creative

Whether art is limited to a single form and style has been the talk of the town for quite a long time. In any case, one thing has been proven that the discipline of art has been around since the dawn of ages. At the same time, artists have been making art for various needs and in many styles.

All through the decades, art has taken up various forms, and it has made some amazing progress in introducing a unique expression by a great many artists. Art can be extraordinary, artists can be unique, yet they all belong to the same spectrum of this discipline. Artists before and artists in the present are ruling with their ideas, blending various views, and consolidating multiple styles to bring forth additional art possibilities.

Significant credit goes to the capable and praised artists who have added to the diversity factor of this discipline. Take the example of how the mechanism of art has advanced; we have visual art, fine artwork, decorative art, applied art, etc. One of the numerous progressive types of art turns out to be street art, an idea that has become a solid perspective in various societies across the planet.

Art truly has no limits, and each artist shares the common motivation behind making something interesting, bearing a solid idea or intention to influence the general public. Street art changed this idea as it came to locate a whole new meaning in modern times. Street artists have become a fantastic medium of expression with regards to social campaigns and social activism. Artists impart their progressive ideas to the overall population by painting walls, walkways, back streets, dumpsters, etc. It has been a core aspect of history, and on the off chance that one requires a record, they may depend on the astonishing role of street art on the Berlin Wall.

In America, there are numerous conspicuous street artists, one of which remains Tysen Knight. The African-American craftsman began as a barber prior to discovering his breakthrough in art. As a teenager, Tysen was exceptionally enthused about street art and painting walls. Today, he remains a sensation and a prominent figure at the core of the street art scene in America. Tysen is also recognized for his documentary, "The Art Hustle," where he reported his replete journey till success – the battles, challenges, motivation, devotion, and love for his work. His documentary is a much sought-after creation for aspiring artists who are striving in their journey. Following the success of the documentary, Tysen turned into a prominent contributor to various art galleries.  In 2018, Tysen Knight became the Best Feature Film recipient at Oregon Documentary Film Festival for his documentary. A year later, he won the Best Director Award 2019 at the Marina Del Rey Film Festival.

Undoubtedly, artists like Tysen Knights prove that art truly has no boundary. Who knew that the art that once was just used to relish and entertain could be used as a mechanism to create awareness. However, Knight remains at the forefront of using art as an expressive articulation to address the social issues that have never been done before. With the emergence of a new, uber-talented cohort of artists who believes in the power of art to transform society, it has been proven that art truly has no limit.

One thing is sure that art will keep on progressing. It doesn't stop anywhere and keeps on being profited by progressive thoughts brought to the surface level by capable artists around the planet. It is one intriguing perspective about artists that allures aficionados and remains the main force beyond significant intrinsic motivation levels sought by artists.

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