Multiple careers is a growing trend

Multiple careers is a growing trend

According to the New York Times, it has been estimated that most people are now working four or more jobs to make ends meet, and most of these people are under the age of 30.

Taking on Multiple Jobs is Becoming a Common Trend

There are various reasons why more people are beginning to opt for multiple jobs at a time. For one, expenses are on the rise, and it is no longer easy to purchase quality goods without having to spend a fortune on it - a prime example being college expenses, which is why you would find many students working part-time to pay off their college fee.

Then there are people who are working on getting some personal allowance for themselves. And some people even take on different jobs so that they can experience working in different fields and pursue their work passion.

The Value Behind Working Several Jobs

With more people taking on all kinds of jobs, it has become a valuable asset in one's work experience and is even desired by employers worldwide.

Developing a Competitive Edge

In a world where everything has become increasingly progressive and competitive, employers are seeking out talents that have multiple skill sets and have expertise in more than one working field.

Individuals who can provide diverse skills are held in high regard and are in high demand throughout the professional sector. Having someone with a wide range of skills and knowledge can significantly contribute to a company and help them grow at a quick pace.

Increasing Income Streams

By entering new markets, you can diversify your income stream and build up your capacity to boost up your finances. Staying reliant on just one source of income is sometimes not enough to make ends meet. In fact, according to money under 30, it was found that more than half of American citizens can not scrounge together even $2,000 in case of an emergency. Having different careers at the same time serves as a backup plan that can help you secure your financial security at all times. On a professional level, when people are working different jobs, you can set aside a portion of your income into investments like properties, stocks, and bonds.

On a personal level, building up your skillset is a great way for you to learn so many new things and empower yourself with diverse knowledge, ultimately making you more capable of fulfilling various job requirements that most people cannot.

For further understanding, let's look at Rob Youells as a prime example of a person who has taken on multiple careers and has become a valuable figure within the professional sector.

Robert Youells is a fitness model, IFBB Pro Bodybuilder, fitness trainer, actor, musician, and writer. He is also known for his role as the drummer for the heavy metal band 'Generation Kill.'

In his acting career, he has appeared on the Saturday Night Live, Guiding Light, and has done voice acting work for the Grand Theft Auto Video game series. In his music career, he has more than three decades worth of experience as a drummer, blending different rhythmic tunes and attitudes to create his own unique music style. His bodybuilding career includes competing in both national and international championships for more than a decade, which led to his successful bodybuilding career.

Handling several careers is never easy, but Youells has always emphasized its importance, using his life experience as a lesson to take for those who wish to follow in his footsteps.

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