Patio Pet Life The Best Indoor Pet Potty Solution You Can Actually Buy

Patio Pet Life The Best Indoor Pet Potty Solution You Can Actually Buy

Nov 6, 2020, 6:40:19 PM Life and Styles

The best moment for a dog owner is to come home and cuddle their baby. Yet it is all ruined when instead of coming home and happily greeting your dog, you encounter a pile of stinky dog poop on your freshly cleaned floors. When you find this happening rarely, you may not pay heed to this issue, but if your dog is regularly pooping in the house, there is a probability you might get mad at the innocent pup.

Truth to be told, dogs never house soil because of spite or frustration. “If you have break sweat to house train your dog and suddenly they begin to poop inside, then it is an indication that they are vulnerable to a behavioral or physical health problem,” says the Founder of the Pet Patio Life, the US driving potty solution providers for pet owners.

Below, we conversed with Mike Moore, the mastermind behind the fantastic indoor potty solution for pet owners living in apartments, condos, beach living, or homes with no yard or grass, to know why exactly your dog is pooping around the house. 

Moore reveals that many pet owners have a misconception that after adopting a new puppy, they have appropriately house-trained their dog after they have pooped in the right place a few times in a row. “You need to be mindful that this process might take a little longer than you think to be completely solidified in your dog’s brain. Especially where your pup is young, they would require a little more time. Try to create and stick to a schedule for your dog’s meals and potty breaks—dogs acclimate to these schedules pretty swiftly. Additionally, ensure to give your pup ample time to sniff around and get familiar with the sights before they go out to poop; the outdoors might just be too distracting for an excitable pup for them to go right away,” he says.

There is a possibility that you consistently return home from a long day at work and find that your dog has pooped inside. The issue can be that you are leaving your dog alone for too long, to the extent where they can no longer hold it. Moore suggests that if you are freaking out because of your dog’s bad house soiling habit, the significant thing is to exercise patience. “Don’t even dare to scare or punish your dog for this thing—it is not their fault at all. Instead, you must give them direction and try to teach them where it is appropriate to poop, all while being cautious of any underlying medical conditions,” he says.

In case this pooping behavior persists, or you spot any symptom of illness, never delay for a second to go and check with the vet. Since the doctor will determine whether your furry buddy got some problem causing their incontinence and assist you in taking the right steps to correct their behavior. Yet, if this is not the case, then the best solution is to use Patio Pet Life’s real grass potty. The potty is made from farm-fresh grass, making it easier to clean while reducing odor and absorbing liquids.

Moore explains that pets are the creatures of nature and their instincts guide them to go to nature. “Yet, when they are confined within the walls of the house, they cannot hold it anymore and poop there and then,” he says. “My wife and I were vulnerable to such issues in our home where we just had the patio, and the artificial grass was of no use requiring constant cleaning. While morning walk to the grass before caffeinating was no less than torture, and that is how the idea of the family project ‘Patio Pet Life’ was conceived, bringing forth an all-natural potty solution right in your home,” he says.

The grass potty can be easily placed inside the home, saving you from the hassle of cleaning and running errands to the grass each time your dog wants to poop. “If you place it indoors in a specific position and schedule the meal timings to routinize the poop timings of your pup, then the grass potty can even be utilized to potty train your dog smoothly, without any chance of failures,” says Mike Moore.

You can easily buy the best pet potty solution online from Patio Pet Life.

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