Why is the film 'Pandemic Zoom' so relatable?

Why is the film 'Pandemic Zoom' so relatable?

The world has experienced major changes following the outbreak of the global pandemic "Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2).” There has been a sudden epochal shift following the pandemic. There have been alterations in nearly all the walks of life amidst the virus. It is flabbergasting to see that an invisible virus has bought drastic repercussions upon the masses.

Surgical masks, hand sanitizers, gloves, and many other disinfectant tools have become the new normal. One would never have thought that social distancing would be something that would be obligatory to follow. Other habitual lockdowns have given birth to the novel innovation of online means of work and education.

Individuals tend to use online methods to learn, educate themselves, work and run their day-to-day errands with the help of online demeanors. This reduces social contact and reduces your chances of catching the deadly virus. Universities, companies, businesses, and almost every industry has shifted their work and commissions.

Following that, the emergence of the 'Zoom App' has taken prevalence substantively. This leading communication app helps you connect to people anywhere in the world. It enables you to conduct meetings, send messages, photos, and videos; it lets you share your screen or make a regular audio call. Ranging from educational institutes to top-tier companies, everyone uses this innovative app which has made their life easy.

The award-winning film, 'Pandemic Zoom,' which was released on June 7, 2020 is made keeping in view the ongoing circumstances of online ways of conductive chores. The movie spins around the story in which a Gen-Z daughter aids her Judge mother in settling a lovers dispute in Small Claims Court. It is based on the view that bureaucracy must continue even in the mid-pandemic where the world is quarantined.

The viewers find the movie substantively relatable as its name suggests, it discusses how online ways such as zoom have seeped into our lives and have become a major part of our lives. The pandemic has rendered everything to shift to online demeanors and we have established a new way of life. Although isolated and locked up in their homes, “zoom'ers” are still on the verge of reaching phenomenal heights by conducting their affairs through a browser. They are not letting the outbreak of the virus halt their career or professional lives.

Pandemic Zoom is a movie that highlights the fact that the world is a fast place, and its affairs never stop no matter what comes. Humans are gifted with intelligence which helps them find and construct innovative ways to prevent hindrances and impediments in their circadian activities. The film has received immense recognition and multiple awards.

It has received “Honorable Mention” in New York's Katra Film Series. In addition, the film was nominated for the Best Actress, Best Director, Best Editor and Best Original Screenplay Award in Dunk International Film Festival and East Europe International Film Festival Fusion.

The film was directed by the rip-roaring director Julianna Pitt who herself also stars in the movie. The passionate film actress and director has phenomenal experience in showbiz and has made a substantive name. Julianna has worked in numerous movies, including The Last Song, After the Fall, Quite a Conundrum, The Longer Day of Happiness, Forever into Space, Graveside, The Bartender's Barber, False Pretense, Choices, Doctor Feelgood, Rapture, The Box, Waiting for Lola and Ataraxia.

Julianna is exceptionally talented, and through her work of performing and creating dramatic arts, she is raising awareness about social issues and the ongoing circumstances which have drenched the world. She is an imminent part of the film industry. Being a woman, Julianna has achieved majestic success, proving that women are no less than the opposite gender.

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