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Snowflake 1964 – November 24, 2003

Copito de Nieve, Spanish for Snowflake, was an albino gorilla whose uniqueness -- and the psychopathic greed and influence of a deranged banana plantation owner was to blame for his capture and incarceration, and the massacre of his troop (all black gorillas) by the cold-blooded murderer known as, Benito Mañé.

"During the massacre, his [Snowflake's] mother was shot by Mañé whilst she tore a banana stem apart in his banana plantation. The small creature was found clinging to his mother's neck, his head buried deep in her black fur."[1]

Orphaned for a fucking banana.

If you feel the outrage building within you right about now, good. You damn well should, if you're vegan. But if you're not vegan, and you feel upset by this then you suffer from cognitive dissonance.

Snowflake went on to spent the remainder of his long enduring life in the prison confines of the Barcelona Zoo, Spain. Restrained there for public exhibition and profit until he died.

[1] Snowflake

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