A moment in their shoes

Before we jump to blame others or wait for them to be different, stop and understand them.

Empathy is a thing that is so missing from our culture. We are taught to bury emotions, be tough, soldier on. Therefore, we only extend sympathy at best to others. Most often we judge, blame, or get angry or irritated with other people.

A moment spent appreciating the other person’s environment, experiences, and position is one of the most valuable moments we can spend. It stops criticism, judgement, and knee-jerk reactions. Reduces irritation, anger, and hate.

It’s amazing to be able to truly understand others, to realise that they are only trying to do their best. That does not mean we accept everything that others do, but even if their actions are wrong, we are better placed when we understand and empathise.

Walk a moment in their shoes, feel for them, appreciate their situation, before doing anything.

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