Change isn't easy

Change isn't easy by Philip Dodson

Change isn't easy

Whatever it is in our lives that we are trying to change the journey is not an easy one.

It is going to require accepting things about ourselves, it is going to need commitment, it is going to be hard work.

There will be setbacks and times when you questions whether or not it is worth it. Perhaps you were OK anyway and didn’t need to change.

Others will try to derail you, you may even lose people along the way as you change as a person.

You might not make the change you wanted.

However, more often you will make it if you stick at it.

Changing something is a hugely liberating and meaningful thing to do. Doing nothing has no joy.

The reality is, to never try to change is longer term much harder and once you have put the hard work into making one change, other changes come much easier. It becomes a habit.

Better always to try something than to never try at all no matter how challenging.

After all always doing the same will always bring the same outcome.

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