Connection doesn’t come from accepting friend requests, adding someone on LinkedIn, or following on Twitter. Not from email, texts, likes, shares, RTs.

It is not about being part of an online conversation or exchange.

Social media is a great tool to keep a connection going or to be a catalyst for new ones, we can reach out to people on the other side of the world.

Real and true connection comes from interacting with other humans in real life, where you share a thought, an idea, a story, a conversation, an exchange of something that means something to the other person. A connection is made and it is often hard to explain it in words, but there is a chemistry, something that is meaningful, there is a spark, a thing that is human.

It needs us to see the other person, speak with them, feel the other person’s body language, witness their expressions and emotions. To be deep rather that superficial.

It is not made by an exchange of data via the ether.

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Published by Philip Dodson

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