Greatness is now

I’m reading the excellent ’12 Week Year’ and in part of it, there is a section about greatness.

blogged about this (Our futures are now) recently. The result that happens in the future is not the moment of greatness. Your future is built now.

What we do right now is determining our future, so as Brian Moran writes in the book, what you do now is greatness.

Life is full of choices and what we choose to do now is how our future will be shaped, so what we choose to do to lead us to the result we want is greatness, not some event that happens in a year’s time. When the winner of a race takes the gold, that is not the moment of greatness, it is when she gets up at 5am to train in wet and the cold.

So we can be great now if we choose to and I don’t know anyone who doesn’t feel amazing about being great.

It’s up to us to make the right choices and stop putting things off into the future, now is the future, now is greatness.

What do you want to be great at?

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