There are things in life that we do, yet do we stop to actually think is there any value to it. Do we ask ourselves ‘what was the point of that?’.

Day-in, day-out our time is consumed with ‘doing’, we are busy.

That Facebook survey to tell us ‘who our best friend forever is’ or some repetitive work task that’s done because ‘that’s how we do things here’.

How much of our lives are we sucked into things, especially in a digital world, where we end up spending time on an activity that adds no value at all. It also creates a habit of being distracted by the next thing that comes along, so when we need to focus, we’ve lost the skill to.

Just because it’s there and we can do something does not mean that we should be doing it.

Our lives are precious, guard your time for deeper and meaningful things that make a difference. Don’t do ‘that’ and become a ‘magpie’ taken by the next shiny thing.

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Published by Philip Dodson

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