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If something does not work out how we expected, then sometimes the best thing to do is take the rubber and rub it all out and start again.

Sure, we can tweak or adjust things and modify. It depends on how broken a thing is.

Patience and persistence are essential elements in everything we do.

There has become this badge of honour wearing philosophy of failing fast and in a world where everyone is looking for shortcuts, easy, and certainty, this fits perfectly.

However, sometimes we have to be brave enough to start from scratch and accept we’ve gone down the wrong path.

The great thing about this is, there is always another path, another way, another solution.

We will never create our best things in life if we are not prepared to risk and the risk is sometimes it just doesn’t work and it can not be modified.

Take a shower, walk the dog, go to the gym, or have a nap. Then take a clean sheet of paper and start again, don’t look in the rear view mirror for what has gone before. Look forward and start again, start afresh.

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Published by Philip Dodson


May 28, 2018, 1:46:56 AM

Patience and persistence are so important! Thanks for sharing Philip

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