The most ridiculous goal

The most ridiculous goal

Think of the most ridiculous goal that you have been storing away in your head, maybe for a lifetime.

There will be something burning away in all of us, that we have dismissed year after year, and convinced ourselves that we can’t do it.

Perhaps, if your most ridiculous goal is to fly to the moon unaided, then perhaps it might be worth keeping that one at bay, but other than that, what have any of us got to lose by trying something?

It may seem ridiculous to us simply because of the story we have told ourselves and, to be honest, ridiculous is very subjective. We will have labeled the idea ridiculous as a way of excusing ourselves from doing something that is outside our comfort zone.

After all, the graveyard is full of people who never tried that one thing.

Be ridiculous for once.

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Published by Philip Dodson


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