Watching the world go by

Watching the world go by

I’m in Brussels this week for the Copass camp, and yes I am officially the most frequent Copass camps attendee. But I love the connections, the travel, the new ideas and all that I get from being together with a group of like-minded people.

Today, Bernie and I went to work from this great coworking space called Le Phare Du Kanaal, thanks Annelise for a great recommendation, and it's a cafe and coworking space combined, fab space, great people, super food (apple crumble and banana cake are worth a try) and a window to watch the world.

Away from my day-to-day life is another element of being on these camps and having enjoyed an efficient day, I was able for 1/2 an hour, or maybe longer, to sit at my desk and look out the window on the busy streets around the canal.

Listening to waves and chimes on a great site, I drifted off into my own daydream world and the rest of the world momentarily disappeared and my head cleared of the daily grind.

Simple pleasures are always the best, take the time to sit and watch the world.

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