What are you feeding yourself

What goes in is what comes out.

I am not referring simply to food. Although, obviously what we choose to eat and drink has a massive effect on both our mental and physical well-being. Therefore it effects our outputs.

Just as critical is what we choose to feed our mind with and equally the people we choose to spend our time with. It has a direct impact on our mindset, opinions, beliefs, actions and so many things.

Do we stop to think, is that input or person serving me well? Is it matching my values and goals in life? You will usually feel that nagging doubt if something is compromising your values.

Often we do not realise what we watch, read, listen to or the people we talk to can be having a drain on us, sucking our energy, especially with people, they can become energy vampires.

Outcomes are the direct result of inputs. So if you are looking for a different outcome take a look at what you feed yourself and change it.

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