Comical Animals and Imaginative Exercise

Comical Animals and Imaginative Exercise

May 30, 2017, 3:23:07 PM Life and Styles

Each of us is a comical animal. We’re funny creatures. All of us. Life is a struggle for most people. As a philosopher of enjoyment, you should praise each person for their life struggle. Each person is a hero. Flatter them for what they have to endure. It isn’t easy being human. You know the struggles people go through because you go through them too. Each of us wrestles with this thing called life. It is as the song says, “Life is a funny proposition after all.”

If you cultivate awareness of the tragic absurdity of us all and of the special silliness of people (including yourself!), you recognize the pathetic heroism presented by each person in their struggle with this monstrous thing we call life. If you recognize the tragic absurdity of people, you will have a silent respect for every single wrestler. You can recognize the struggles of others and praise them for their heroism. The struggles of people is monumental. People do the best they can. Failure is understandable. Success is a surprise. Happy moments of contentment occur when a struggle isn’t a struggling but an enjoying. Resist not the struggle. To struggle is to live. How do you deal with struggle? Do you get worked up by troubles or do they roll off your back like water off a duck?

One way to deal with the struggle of trouble is to use your imagination. There’s a trick you can use to deal with any difficulty. It’s called the trouble-bag. Imagine taking all your fears, worries, horrors and terrors and stuffing them in an invisible burlap bag. Take that invisible burlap bag stuffed with troubles and tie an invisible cord around it. The cord cannot be broken. Once in the invisible trouble-bag, all your fears, worries, horrors and terrors can’t get out. Should you feel a fear or a worry, merely picture the invisible bundle of trouble and shake it against your side. Rattle it. Laugh at it. It’s in the bag! Shaking your imaginary bag of trouble is enough to free you from your worst mental obsessions.

No one needs to know, but even if someone notices you shaking your invisible trouble bag: Who cares? Tell them how you’ve taken all your fears, worries, terrors and horrors and stuffed them in an invisible bag and how you’ve tied that bag of troubles, fears and worries with a magical invisible cord that can’t be broken. So what if they think it isn’t normal? You can laugh at them for laughing at you. It’s fun to use your imagination. Wishful thinking can be enjoyable.

Imagine feeling free of worry and fear. Can you imagine it? If you can imagine it, you can make it happen. If you tell people about your invisible trouble-bag and they laugh at you and think you’re crazy, in the end, if it works and you’re trouble free, who has the last laugh? You! This is a funny thing to do. It’s an enjoyable thing to imagine. Be as a kid and practice the power of wishful thinking. You can have the last laugh because you’ve got your imaginary bag of troubles tied up. Those who think it’s a crazy and pointless to stuff troubles in an imaginary bag tied by a magical unbreakable cord can continue to suffer from the fever of their fretting. You’re done.

Imagine yourself worry free and you are. 

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