2017 Reading Plans

2017 Reading Plans

Jan 8, 2017, 8:26:14 PM Creative

   Last year was my first year at University and, knowing that I would be busy, I set a reading challenge on Goodreads to be a small set of 18 books. I somehow was able to surpass that which was really great.

   This year I have set the target of 24 books to read in the year but I that this year is going to be tricky for me as it's my final year and it's set out to be very busy. I'm currently reading 3 books that I hope to have reviews out for soon but over December I found it very difficult to be able to read and juggle the heavy workload I had as a retail staff member. My TBR pile will be updated today and you can all look forward to a few reviews from me hopefully over the next few weeks. Stepping outside of my comfort zone I tried to tackle a romance novel but I'm finding it very difficult to get through as this isn't a favoured genre, so I must apologise for the delay.


   Sorry to keep you all waiting, but until next time, keep turning those pages!


xx Phoenix

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