Best Doctor for Knee Replacement Surgery in Delhi

Best Doctor for Knee Replacement Surgery in Delhi

If you experience stiffness or pain in your knee that makes it difficult for you to do daily activities and conservative treatments are no longer working, you may consider having an arthroplasty. This can help relieve pain and restore function to your knee joints. Osteoporosis is not the only cause that causes knee pain, deformity, or swelling; Also, there is no reason to choose to replace the knee. It is often performed in cases of advanced osteoarthritis, including fiscal tears, cartilage defects, and ligaments.

All these reasons are more prominent among older people, who are more than 50 years of age. Typically, knee replacement surgery involves replacing damaged or diseased joint surfaces with an artificial joint made of metal and plastic. As you search for the best doctor to successfully perform Knee Replacement Surgery in Delhi, Dr. Consider the opinion of Himanshu Tyagi. He is one of the best orthopedic surgeons and knee problems seem to be the most common that he does in his practice. He has the ability to empower his patients by advising them of both surgical and non-surgical options for their illnesses.

Their goal is to provide a comprehensive plan of care for patients which includes rehabilitation, physical therapy counseling, medicines and other operational options. Surgery may include ligament resection, arthroscopy, and reconstruction. In severe cases the patient may undergo joint replacement surgery (total, partial or revision). Artemis Hospital is well equipped with a computer-assisted complete knee replacement (CAS) navigation system that allows precise knee treatment to be completed accurately as well.

Artemis Hospital demonstrates knee templates and computer-aided design of cutting blocks for patient-specific knee replacement (PSI). Minimally invasive knee replacement is often performed in patients, at least in patients. Overall he is the best doctor when it comes to knee replacement surgery in India.

Knee surgery seems to have become the focal point of his medical practice in India. Knee joint problems are widespread in our country. Unfortunately, much of the knee decision in this city rests on whether the patient needs a knee replacement. Dr. Himanshu Tyagi has pursued these options and aims to provide a comprehensive plan of care for patients including rehabilitation, physical therapy counseling, medications and other operative options that are involved in preserving the original joint to the extent possible. Because of his expertise in knee surgery, he may also have the option of a reunion operation, arthroscopy, ligament reconstruction and, if all else fails, joint replacement, which is unicomental knee replacement, total knee replacement, or Even couples cannot revisit. Worked well for various reasons.

Knee problems seem to have become the most common problem he is facing in his practice. Knee problems have gone beyond normal treatment in his practice. He is again on a mission to empower patients by interpreting and communicating various surgical and non-surgical options for their diseases so that they decide what is the best treatment for them.

He has been regularly invited by various organizations and hospitals to teach knee replacement and ligament reconstruction. He regularly conducts workshops in international meetings on the proper use of these implants.

  1. Below knee surgery is done:
  2. Primary Knee Replacement
  3. Knee replacement review
  4. Unicompartmental Knee Replacement
  5. Knee arthroscopy
  6. Joint procurement procedures
  7. Joint breach
  8. Rigid knee release process
  9. Complex knee injury


Treatment given by Himanshu Tyagi

Dr. Himanshu Tyagi is one of the best doctors for knee replacement surgery in Delhi and knee replacement surgeon in India. Trained in the UK and with 17 years of experience as a Senior Orthopedic Surgeon and Joint Replacement Specialist, he provides quality treatment to patients with very high success rates for knee replacement surgery. Dr. Bedi has a keen interest, experience and expertise in knee replacement surgery to deliver great results.


Himanshu Tyagi has performed a significant number of knee replacement surgeries. With your hands on experience in the process; Understand the technical and complexities of all of them. On average, he receives 100 spinal procedures / 400+ joint replacements / about 100 arthroscopy and about 500 trauma procedures in a year, making him the best knee replacement in Delhi.

He is also interested in research, teaching, organizing workshops and training sessions on knee replacement surgery.

Get quality and affordable knee surgery done by Himanshu Tyagi  in Delhi.

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