Things to look for while choosing a DMARC service.

Things to look for while choosing a DMARC service.

Scammers may send emails that look to be from your company with surprising ease (a practice known as spoofing). Implementing DMARC and monitoring DMARC compliance is critical if you want to know who is sending emails from your brand’s domain and halt bad actors in their tracks, but let’s be honest: It’s not a pleasurable chore.

EmailAuth the best DMARC tool

Why Is DMARC Monitoring Important?

Once you’ve configured a DMARC policy for your domains, mailbox providers like Google and Yahoo will deliver daily reports detailing the emails they’ve received from your domains and whether or not they comply with your DMARC policy. The issue is that these reports are quite difficult to read for most regular persons. Furthermore, the more emails you send, the more reports you will receive. Even if you like reading XML files, having to go through them all and find the sending sources that are generating problems is incredibly time-consuming.

But here’s the good news: There are several excellent DMARC monitoring tools available that can assist you in processing reports from various mailbox providers and displaying the data in a graphical format.

Finding the Right DMARC Solution

There are several excellent services available to assist you in setting up DMARC and monitoring DMARC alignment. But which DMARC tool is the most effective?

The fact is that naming a single best tool is impossible. Teams may have fundamentally different requirements for a DMARC service depending on whether they are startups or Enterprises, DMARC newcomers, or email authentication veterans. So, before deciding which tool is ideal for you, consider what you’re searching for in a solution. Here are some questions to assist you to establish your requirements and drive the vendor selection process.

Are you an email security or deliverability specialist who is well-versed in email authentication? Is DMARC an important element of your profession? Do you want to investigate each and every email that fails DMARC? You’ll be happiest if you have a sophisticated tool that allows you to delve deeply into forensic reports and message-level information.

If you are not a DMARC specialist (and have no plans to become one), the more complicated tools on the market and the number of insights they give may confound you more than assist. You could be better off with a straightforward tool that assists you in implementing critical best practices, identifying key concerns, and providing real, hands-on instruction without being overwhelming.

Things to Look for

DMARC services are charged based on domain, email volume, or a mix of the two. So examine your requirements carefully in order to choose a provider with a price strategy that is appropriate for you.

If you have a large number of low-traffic domains, check for tiered pricing based on volume. If, on the other hand, you wish to monitor a single high-volume domain, you should opt for a provider who costs per monitored domain. Domain-based pricing also provides the advantage of reducing price volatility, which is especially useful if there is an unexpected rise in mail volume.

If you wish to seek professional help to support your DMARC setup or to mitigate a spoofing issue, you should search for a provider who provides both tools and professional consulting services to their clients. If you choose to self-serve, you will have more alternatives, but it is even more vital to pick a tool that is simple to use and provides hands-on instruction that you can execute without the assistance of a professional.

EmailAuth is the easiest uplift in cybersecurity a company can implement overnight!

1. Monitor and block phishing

2. Increase email deliverability

Assume you send 100 emails every day from your domain. However, Gmail, Microsoft, Yahoo, GSuite, Office 365, Exchange servers, and over 90% of all ESPs get 1000 emails (100 genuine + 900 phishing) from your domain!

The EmailAuth dashboard aggregates information from ALL those ESPs and displays it for you in

one place:

- HOW MANY emails does your domain send — genuine and non-genuine

- WHO sent those non-genuine emails

- WHAT was contained in the non-genuine emails

Once we have this information, EmailAuth lets you BLOCK the 900 that were non-genuine!

You can’t stop hackers from sending it, BUT you can finally stop them from being delivered!




Once EmailAuth gets deployed, your customers, employees, and partners can be confident that the email is

actually coming from you. So choose EmailAuth today for all your DMARC needs. It provides timely DMARC aggregate reports and helps you with DMARC setup.

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