I'm Sorry

I'm Sorry

With tears in the eyes of mine,
Writing an apology for someone divine,
I’m so sorry,
Please vent off my worry,
I know I’ve done wrong,
Went with the flow of words all along,
Without judging what’s right or wrong,
Spoken everything so wrong.

Please forgive my deed,
That’s all I need,
I know it’s difficult for you,
Forgiving every time one who hurts you,
Yet I know you can do,
Because you are benevolent and can do.

I know you are broken,
Feeling sad and shaken,
Thinking how can I do this to you,
Uttering bad words for you,
I’m feeling guilty,
Please forgive my absurdity.

You’ve always been so kind,
Had a golden heart with beautiful mind,
Your care is unparalleled,
Which I always overlooked.
You handle my cold and callous attitude,
Yet never delude.

It’s difficult to survive,
Guilt in my blood drops generating false vibe,
Cursing myself why I said those words,
It has hurt me like a pierced sword,
Everything has become monotonous,
Since there is no “us”.

My time has stuck there-
The moment you said ” get out of here”
I can’t live with this guilt,
No matter how many separations I built.
I accept I’ve done wrong,
I’m helpless undoing it lifelong.

We’ve cherished many golden moments,
Those loving and laughing moments,
Will always remain close to my heart, Along with your writing art!
I’ll have no right to behold you,
Yet I seek last forgiveness from you.


Published by Piyush Kapoor

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