Sitting on chair looking outside from window when I see tiny droplets of rain,
It mesmerises me, uplifts my mood such that I just can’t refrain.
The mild and sweet fragrance of wet land,
Captivates my soul and causes my sorrows to disband.

Floating clouds of Persian blue colour,
Lighten themselves by sprinkling droplets of transparent colour.
The fierce roar of thunder takes my breath away,
I’m frightened and don’t want it to stay.

The cool blowing breeze takes my mind away,
It takes me to the heavenly place in which I always wanted to stay.
Swaying away all the distress of my life,
It gives me immense energy once again to strive.

The beautiful rainbow is a delight to watch,
Those scintillating seven bands are surely an eye catch.
The transition that the weather takes place in sudden time,
Conveys a message that nothing is permanent not even your hard time.

The coolness of weather gives you a message,
To stay calm even when you don’t find any passage.
The mild sunshine entering from the dark clouds conveys you,
To be optimistic and believe in you.

Even the trees can’t resist themselves from dance,
Rain is such a melody which gives them a chance.
They sway away so swiftly,
Wavering their leaves so beautifully.

Even the peacock waits for this golden opportunity,
He forgets all his sorrows and dances in serenity.

Rain is a harbinger of life on earth,
It crafts a new process named birth.
Rain rejuvenates the circle of life,
Upcoming flowers hidden in seeds are eventually given a new life.

Rain is the heavens cry on seeing the condition of nature done by man,
The ecological imbalance created by man.
Rain symbolises soothing of earth from the atrocities of man,
Global warming,deforestation and pollution which are done by man.

Perspectives may be different on rain,
some feel the heavenly nectar,
for some, it’s just in vain.
For me,the way it brings beauty
turns earth into a paradise,
Spreading bliss all over
And heals the hearts in despise.

Rain is nature’s gift one can enjoy,
It’s his wish whether to get wet or remain dry.
There are some who feel the rain,
But there are many which only get wet from the tiny drops of rain.

Published by Piyush Kapoor

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