The Unexpected Life

The Unexpected Life

The Unexpected Life

Life is so unexpected,it takes so much twist and turns,

At each turn waits a new experience to judge your earn,

Giving you a misty way to travel on a road full of pebbles,

With the hope of achieving eternity and love as you move on you are knocked down by obstacles,

Still, I stood up, dressed up and showed this vicious world my confidence to walk,
Having mild smile on my face and the name of my Lord in my talk,


Life is so unexpected that when you think you actually got someone he slowly slips away,

Moves away swiftly as the feathers blow away,

You try to catch him, hold him to stay,

He is like a floating cloud who always sway,


Life is so unexpected yet majestic it tones you up for everything,

Making you hard as shell so that you never repent for anything,
Life fills many sparkling and shining experiences but has some black ones too,
At each step, it illustrates we have to accept them too,



Sometimes it offers joy and happiness,

Sometimes it offers disappointment and sadness,

Yet it’s life and it goes on like a beautiful flowing river taking manifolds,

It’s up to you whether you enjoy the journey or let it beholds,


Life is so unexpected it offers you pain so tactfully just to test your courage,

When you handle it you get purified with the tears of your sage,

Lies in life a never ending process of rebirth,

Every day you grow up with a new lesson tied to your girth,

Life is a one-time opportunity use it wisely,

Love everyone,spread knowledge of wisdom likely,


Life is so unexpected it often goes the opposite way we think,

Just as to test our patience and often makes us wink,

Still, in this unexpected life lies a marvelous relation of friendship,

The most prestigious and pure form of  relationship,


It fills joy in everyone’s life irrespective of your nature and age,

Giving you strength every time you lose your courage,

A true friend is the life’s most precious treat to a person,

His silent care, love, and support carves you out a better person,


There is still tenderness connected to this unexpected life,

As it gives you most beautiful parents which always care for you no matter how much scrutinized is your life,

Never wish to break their trust since they make your way to success,

They act as friends sometimes stern and rigid, sometimes soft and loving only to make the best that you can possess,


Life is so unpredictable you never know what a new day may bring,

Might be happiness or sorrow but they are a temporary thing,
Life is unexpected only for the mortal,

But for my Lord which is immortal, it’s just a stage where we all are merely players in his hands playing their roles which are subtle.


Published by Piyush Kapoor

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