Four Wall Room

Hello! Welcome to the house. I sat on a sofa biting the nails.
Yeah! Trying to get adjust in a new place. What about you? Long time no message and nothing. She calmly replied.

Yeah! I tried but unfortunately, could not able to communicate. I was strictly warned not to call, by the devils. I was still scared to ask her for a date, and then finally with my saved guts I spoke.

Would you love to be on a date with me? I continued.
I mean see if you are comfortable. Wine, talk and.. I paused. Anyways I don’t need to tell you. I stepped to try a bit humorous.

Yeah! How can we forget our past days? It’s been so long that I haven’t seen you after your.. she had a pause. Ugh, let’s not get into that. Sure Why not! I would love to be with you. Though I need a good company here if you are not going to be an irritating Aryan on the date. She accepted my invitation with kindness.
Thanks! 7 at my place.
Cyaa soon. She hung up the call.

A storm of excitement and nervousness started running into my blood. My heart beats were bumping fast to see her after a year. I want to do lots of preparations. I manage to shift my whole messy stuff in the corner. My bedroom’s messy setup was converted into a sweet romantic ambiance.

Dim lighting, the aromatic room with a melancholy track was giving a feel to be a successful date. The wine was already freezing in the ice bucket with the glasses on the table. A bunch of red roses was trying to be more charming to cherish the cute little date. I attached a letter to her which I could not able to give till my last breath. I think God gave me one more chance to tell what I have buried deep in my mind for so many years. This is the only letter, I was afraid of, repentant of and tired of reading every time. I wrapped the letter and fixed into the red roses. I managed to keep a packet of condoms below the pillow, though we have no right to give a birth here, but still protection she always likes.

When we were together, she always insists me to wear black.
You are looking damn hot, said mirror when I was making my hair to impress my love. Black denim shirt, half sleeves folded and gray color trouser. As I knew, girls do like when they see veins. I still remember her talks. We are meeting almost two years later.

It was 7, Vedika must be reaching any time. I again revisioned the expressions in front of the mirror, checked all the stuff which I did whole long day for her. It was all perfect.

Bell rang. The smile was constantly making face charm. She was in front of me. Beautifully dressed. Her eyes were gone red, and a slight cut was still hurting her eyebrows, cursed hair and faded out shades of lipstick which we going blacken blue. Her hands were filled with dark blood. Vedika she is. I don’t want any reason to smile when I see her.

I took a hand forward and placed a kiss on her smooth fragrant arms. I guess nothing was changed in those 2 years. She still wears the Shalimar Guerlain perfume. Immediately, the waves of memories entered my mind.

Welcome to the house Vedika! I welcomed her with a smile. She slowly took her stepped forward in the house. Dim lighting was making her eyes more sparkling. It was hard for me and my smile to get out of her. She was looking really beautiful, I think I got my days back after 2 years of wait.

Please have a seat. Be comfortable. I offered her to sit. Her eyes seem to be wet. We both were not expressing our happiness through words, but of course, we were convinced to see each other through eyes and making lips curve.

Yeah! I am fine. We both were not getting from where we should start a conversation. A room was filled with an awkward moment. Then she started.

Haven’t you find any girlfriend here? Girls are so beautiful here, without eyes, hard jumpy voice with cursed hair. On my way to here, I just came across some devils who had long white nails. Haven’t they got any peace to their soul?

Maybe, I think I’m also gonna look like them when I get older. My soul is still searching for someone to give me peace. A glass of wine jumped my emotions out.

Aww! You will get it soon. She showed some concern and pulled my cheeks as she used in her style.

Yeah! It’s easy to tell, you are far lucky that you have your family. I don’t even know who buried my soul. The wine was feeling me down.

Vedika poured out the fourth glass of wine and made a place on my laps. Now we were so comfortable that we have already started our love making on every sip of wine. Laugh, talks, and smooch were making our body more tempted.

You know what, It was so hard to live without you. Her tongue was slipping on every word. But she was looking more pretty and cute. She was high on wine, so does she was high on me.

She got my shirt buttons down, and love bites were all sketched on my chest. The clock strikes were shifted on a romantic track.

Tell me one of the most beautiful incidents of our relationship, I questioned her as I want to recover those 2 years in a night.

She came closer to my eyes, opened her eyes and stared at me. A little curve of smile was on her face and she replied.

When we had a shower together that night. It was just so beautiful moment for us. A tear falls down to her cheeks and she started kissing my lips hard.

I want to take her to bed. I hold her from my back, and she shouted.
Ahh! I have got a hurt by the glass there. She continued, I think it was a fucking stone which I bumped on. She responded.

So Sorry! Let’s take it carefully. I too was hurt by her expressions.
No, it’s alright! Let’s get out of the limits. Just last day. She pulled away the piece of stone from her back and gave a heartening smile.

I get down her to bed. For some time she was on me, and so does I was on her. The game of conversation through the feelings was started. She was biting my lips hard, her nails were making marks on my back and bites on my chest.

Even if she was not anxious about the limits, I could not able to give a love bite on her neck. She was badly hurt on the neck.

Every activity of ours was tiring us, and exciting to go on even better and harder. Her shouts were making my soul tempted. Her smell reminded me our previous days. Our hands were tripping on every corner of our body. We both were expressing our feelings of love and care for each other. We still love each other, and it’s hard to survive the life without each other.

Still, I remember on which move of mine this beautiful girl is going to get high. We had almost 6 rounds that night. Our face was expressing lots of emotions for each other.

Your stamina has not changed yet, Good enough, she tied a hook of her bra.


After a year I had performed. I was running doubtful about my skills on the bed. I laughed.

She dropped down her head on my chest and held me tight. My hands were tapping her head gently.

So, when and how did this happen? I questioned
What? She questioned

I mean, why you have been thrown here, for me or any specific reason?
I was still tapping my hands on her head and placing her hair from her face, just to feel her secure.

Not for you, God was not happy seeing me and my husband together.
You can assume, maybe it was our luck to stay together after a huge gap.

I fakely curved my lips and tears started creating in my eyes. I got hurt by her marriage status.
So why you are here? I asked.

Car accident. I and my husband were traveling to Manali. He was driving and I got a nap next to him. After that, all was faded out and I have no idea how and when did this happen. First I was thrown on a huge stone beside a road and then I was thrown straight here. She was smiling, but from inside she was screaming to go back to his husband.

We both were on a pause mode for a long. I got hurt by her marriage and she was hurt from getting apart from her man.

I’m missing him, he was the real man. He knew what period time work, family, relationship, and many other things have to be managed. She continued. I was happy with him. He always understood what I think when it was hard for me to survive without you.


If I feel low or I missed you, he was the one to talk about you and it feels me more secure to share each and every moment we spent 6 years ago.

Gentlemen are few in this world, well said. He was on of those. Her soft voice and tears breakdown my heart. Not because of I haven’t made her feel special, but because she missed a lucky man.

I was speechless, no words were getting out from my side to feel her secure. So I thought of holding her tight. I was quiet.

She continued, We were planning to have a baby, a boy or a girl but I want my child to be like him. She was crying hard.

Next morning, when I woke up, Vedika was not beside me. The letter I kept for her was still there as it is. Even this time I failed to give her the letter. This was the last chance to tell her the truth, but I missed. I added my few words in the letter.

I was happy for her that she got a well deserving partner, I was happy for her to experiences a happening life until death, I was happy for her that her soul was rest in peace, I was happy for her that I let her go out of my life.

The sunlight was spotted on the letter. After my death, this was the first time I had faced the rays of sun. How is it possible.

I came closer to the door of coffin. It was opened. How it is possible? I was confused. The note was lying on the floor. Vedika left a note for me.

May your soul rest in peace. Welcome to heaven Aryan 

 Love, always

My soul was rest in peace by Vedika. It was the time to pack the bags and travel to heaven. 

The fire was caught by the letter.

She is really a kind hearted lady, I left the coffin with a smile. 


Published by Piyush Rishi

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