Dancer Pauler Lam works with Ariana Grande on Coachella performance

Dancer Pauler Lam works with Ariana Grande on Coachella performance

Aug 7, 2020, 12:34:09 PM Entertainment

There is no greater feeling for Pauler Lam than moving his body to music. This industry-leading dancer from Sydney, Australia has had a passion for his craft for as long as he can remember, and after departing from the corporate world to pursue his dream, he has made quite the name for himself in both Australia and abroad. 

“I absolutely love being a professional dancer. It is not an easy lifestyle, that’s for sure, but I love the fact that every day is a new challenge, I enjoy keeping myself in shape and ready for whatever may come my way. I get to train with and work alongside the most influential people in the entertainment industry. I am lucky enough to do amazing things like perform on national television, at award shows, and tour the world. You get such an adrenaline rush hearing the loud cheer of the crowd right before going on stage,” said Lam.

Millions have seen Lam’s work and may not even know it, whether on Ellen back in 2018, on one of the many stages around the world on tour with KPOP sensation Eric Nam, on the hit reality series Steady Mobbin, and more. There are many things he is proud of throughout his esteemed career, understandably so. That being said, when asked what truly sticks out in his mind as the highlight of it all, he says it was performing onstage with worldwide icon and pop star Ariana Grande on her “No Tears Left to Cry” Music Video, her 2018 Billboard Music Awards Performance, and 2019 Headline Coachella performance in front of over 100,000 people.

“I loved being able to work on such a grand scale with such a huge artist, and with people that I love and respect so much. I love Ariana Grande’s music and I adore Choreographers Brian and Scott Nicholson’s artistry. They complement her music perfectly with their creative direction. It was also an opportunity that helped me realize again that I am capable and doing what I am meant to be doing in life,” he said.

Lam has a lot of respect for Brian and Scott, and has taken classes of theirs in the past. When they invited him to be a part of the music video and subsequent performances with Ariana Grande, he immediately said yes. He has trained under the two of them for four years, so he knew exactly what to expect with their creative process. Under their direction, Lam feels Brian and Scott have allowed him to think of himself as not only a dancer, but also an artist. He is able to trust his artistry to make decisions to benefit the team and performance, and anyone that watched those amazing Ariana Grande performances knows what a large contribution the dancers added.

“I remember as we were walking on stage for the Billboard Music Awards in 2018, I was overcome with emotions, because I was so proud of myself with all the hard work and training I had put in to get to that moment. It is an achievement I will forever be proud of and never forget,” said Lam. ‘It feels amazing to be part of such memorable performances and helps me realize that I am doing a good job. I’ve had to sacrifice a lot and work extra hard to be where I am at in my career, so to be recognized and be a part of something so successful is an extremely rewarding feeling.”

The “No Tears Left to Cry” video has over 922 million views on YouTube, and Grande made history at Coachella as the youngest ever female headliner at the famous festival. Working with Ariana Grande was a big milestone for Lam, a goal he set back in 2016. To realize that goal only two years later was a great achievement for the dancer, and to do so in such a way is a truly outstanding feat. He will be a forever fan of hers.

“I love how fun and uplifting Ariana Grande’s music is. I really enjoy how she blends together various genres like pop, R&B, hip hop for her sound, and her voice is on another level. Hearing it live during rehearsals is such a special experience. It makes you realize why she is as successful as she is. She is insanely talented and works so hard,” Lam concluded.

Published by Pooja Agarwal

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