Aaron Deakins: Evolving with the Present Day Film Industry

Aaron Deakins: Evolving with the Present Day Film Industry

Sep 27, 2021, 8:04:52 AM Entertainment

Covid 19 forced a “work around” for the vast majority of businesses, with the exception of brave and dedicated frontline workers. One of the most severely hit was the entertainment industry. Concerts, sports, and films came to near non-existence. Innovation was a requirement for anyone who wanted to stay working. Actor/writer/filmmaker Aaron Deakins of the UK seized this opportunity with complete commitment. A famed star for his films such as Alien Outbreak, Shadow Division, The Lost Isle, and others, Deakins established himself as one of the UK’s most talented and dedicated action actors of his generation. When maintaining his renown physique and athletic ability was prohibited in gyms, Aaron created an at home/free range training regimen to maintain constant readiness. He transitioned his screenwriting talent into creating his first novel based on the film “The Lost Isle” (under the same title) with a second novel on the horizon. With the world emerging from the shackles of the pandemic, Deakins finds himself thrust back into filmmaking while trying to manage time to promote his books. It’s an enviable position, one which is the result of hard work and malleable talent. 

  Aaron has a loyal fanbase for his trademark hand-to-hand/martial arts physicality on screen. Covid did not hinder this but rather exacerbated the situation. Alien Outbreak expanded into the DVD market with great success in Germany while Tape 51 appeared at the Plymouth Arts Festival to such glowing reviews that it will soon be available via streaming services. His freshman novel The Lost Isle novel has stoked enthusiasm for a follow up that Aaron confirms is already in the planning stages. Reportedly titled “Unidentified”, the story takes place on a family farm in the south of Britain whose residents find themselves forced to protect their normally quiet community from alien attackers. The brand which Aaron Deakins is so well-known for has a defined style that appears to an enthusiastic fanbase.

  Amidst this all, Mr. Deakins finds himself returning to the familiar film set for The Mercenary. As both cowriter and lead actor in The Mercenary, Aaron’s DNA is infused into the production. A mix of action and science fiction, The Mercenary boast a strong cast including Tom Harris, Steven Norris, Daryl Smith Whightman, Adam Martyn Ewings, and Ali-Al Saffu. Although few details are known about this film which is currently in production, Aaron divulges, “The film is set in two different periods. In the first part, we see the Mercenary locked up and being observed. The rest of the film plays out through his point of view of the unearthly situations he encountered during his mission.” While his films are typically known for the difficult action sequences on display, the filming of The Mercenary during lockdown was perhaps an even greater challenge. Action sequences were redesigned while a strict safety code of conduct was implemented throughout the production. Deakins confirms, “Rehearsals for the film had to be done remotely, which helped at first but definitely slowed the start of the production down. Once the actors all got together and were able to act safely and face to face, the filming exploded with raw energy and talent from everyone involved.” The final touch was the utilization of VFX visuals and sounds to bridge gaps and heighten excitement. Set for release in the latter part of 2021, The Mercenary is indicative of a new post Covid style that builds upon prior Action/Sci-Fi films. It’s an exciting time for filmmakers and for audiences. Aaron Deakins is overjoyed to be back to work making films, particularly about The Mercenary as he confides, “The film is a mix of action and science fiction which forces the audience to make their own minds up about what they have seen with the events being played out of order. I’m thrilled to see how audiences will react to this!” 

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