Award-winning Film Producer Lancen Gm enters the music scene

Award-winning Film Producer Lancen Gm enters the music scene

Sep 8, 2022, 9:37:04 AM Entertainment

Like many in the entertainment industry, when the COVID-19 pandemic struck two years ago, Lancen Gm was at a loss. It was a very tough time to be a producer, with sets shut down and productions on an indefinite hold. As one that likes to work, Lancen would not let himself stay idle and began releasing tracks from a home studio, working his way into the music scene. 

“I'm really into that moment when I begin producing a song. Writing the melody and choosing the right sound makes me feel totally myself, and reaching out to vocal artists is also a great way to meet other talents in my field. I follow my unique style and still play the game in the current most trending genres,” he said.

It was initially Lancen’s love of movies that led the course of his life, but music was always a background hobby in his youth. When he grew and started to see the world, he was always listening to music, blasting his favorite songs on his car speakers as he drove down unexplored roads.

“One day I decided to write a melody down and made an idea in my mind come alive,” he said.

By the end of 2021, his official Spotify showed that he had 128,530 streams, 73,558 annual listeners, 32,617 streaming hours, and over 145 countries. He is a member of BMI, Broadcast Music Inc., Local 47, The Musicians Union of Los Angeles, and AFM (American Federation Of Musicians). Such success in a short time on the music scene is almost unprecedented and exemplifies the work ethic and innate talent that Lancen continuously displays.

“I love that as a music producer, you set your own schedule. You can work in any location and can collaborate with other artists to bring the melody alive,” he said.

Lancen is known for his strong basslines, bouncing drum beats, and evoking vocals across many genres. This is all evident in his biggest hits, which include collaborations with many famed artists. He composed, co-wrote, and produced the songs “Stuck Inside My Brain (Pt.1)” and “Stuck Inside My Brain (Pt.2)” by Megan Ashworth, a very micro-influential artist on Spotify. She has her own Spotify editorial playlist named "Written by Megan Ashworth." He also composed, co-wrote, and produced “Fake Love (feat. RANE)”, “LOSE MY MIND (feat. Okafuwa)", and “Lose Our Way (feat. Jordan Grace)." Jordan Grace had many collaborations with mainstream artists, like Martin Garrix, Armin Van Burren, etc. Fans can also look forward to his upcoming track “Parallel (feat. Kayrae)” that he composed, co-wrote, and produced, which will be released in August 2022. 

“Kayrae’s excellent libs and voice got my attention. I sent the composed instrumental, and she added vocals,” he said.

When Lancen writes a melody and produces a track, he always finds the ideal vocal artist to record his songs and bring them to life. This multi-talented producer knows how to captivate an audience on screen and through a song. He is looking forward to collaborating with other major artists as his music career continues to flourish.

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