Bluetooth Low Energy Solutions Improve Office Space Utilization

Bluetooth Low Energy Solutions Improve Office Space Utilization

Mar 31, 2022, 11:48:17 AM Tech and Science

Every entrepreneur strives to increase employee satisfaction and improve the quality of services offered, while reducing costs and generating savings. Efficient office space utilization is one of the steps towards achieving the goal. How can Bluetooth Low Energy devices help employers make informed decisions and monitor building occupancy?

What are beacons?

Beacons are small, wireless devices that produce regular, continuous radio signals combining letters and numbers. These signals are sent to cloud servers, analyzed, de-coded and sent back to nearby devices equipped with Bluetooth technology.

Bluetooth Low Energy solutions are extremely flexible and cost-efficient which makes them ideal for everyone who wants to collect valuable data concerning visitor flow, improve the quality of offered services, boost customer satisfaction, streamline navigation in a building, airport, or office or advertise a product or service in a non-intrusive manner.

Does it sound all Greek to you? Don’t worry! Think about the following example.

Imagine that you are flying to Greece. Your plane has just landed and you are looking for a taxi parking. You have no idea where to go, the airport is large, everyone around you is busy and doesn’t have time to help you, there is no information desk, you can’t read the Greek alphabet. Fortunately, the airport manager thought about people like you and decided to invest in beacons and BLE tags. What does it mean? On the wall, you see a pictogram informing you that the airport has its own app. You decide to download it, and you get a transparent map of the building, in English. Now, you can easily get to the taxi parking and continue your journey. Of course, on your way the app also advertises gift shops, coffee houses, restaurants, and duty free stores with special offers.

As you may guess, BLE tags and beacons help both businesses and individual customers. They give people functionalities and information they need, while encouraging them to make extra purchases and spend more money.

But what does it have in common with office space utilization?

How can BLE devices help with office space utilization?

Apart from helping business owners increase sales, beacons can support better office space utilization. How?

  • They help entrepreneurs monitor office occupancy and make wiser decisions that benefit both employees (ensure that they have decent working conditions) and employers (help to maximally utilize the space and resign from extra rooms if they aren’t necessary),
  • They monitor temperature, humidity, and air quality which has a direct impact on employee experience,
  • They keep an eye on the people who visit the office which increases the security of employees,
  • They help to determine employees’ location in case of an emergency.

As you can see, BLE devices are powerful tools for office space utilization. Take care of your employees’ safety and satisfaction today to observe increasing profits tomorrow.

Published by Pooja Agarwal

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