Composer Alexander Andresen to score new horror flick ‘Poor Holly’

Composer Alexander Andresen to score new horror flick ‘Poor Holly’

Jun 24, 2022, 6:19:32 AM Entertainment

Music is such an important part of any movie. What would Jaws be without those menacing notes? How impactful would Chariots of Fire have been without the inspirational sound behind it? And who can forget Star Wars, Back to the Future, Lord of the Rings, and countless other iconic scores. As a composer for many hit television shows and films, Alexander Andresen enhances the story through his vast musical talent.

“I like the magnitude of effect a piece of music can have on the world and humanity. Just one single note placed at the right time in a film can tell a story. Music has been used in sacred rites since cavemen were thumping bones on stretched animal hides over holes in the ground. From national anthems that give a nation its pride to wedding ceremonies that bond people in love, and funerals that mourn our lost ones; these are the memories that arise after hearing a song for the first time in 30 years and the telling of a story where words fall short but need to convey the emotion. It is such a privilege to be a composer and have the opportunity for other people to listen to your music and attach their own life to it,” says Andresen.

Hailing from Calgary, Canada, Andresen is a leader in his industry. Millions around the world have heard his work, whether watching their favorite shows like American Idol, 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After, and Vanderpump Rules, or immersing themselves in an acclaimed film, such as Take This Waltz starring Academy Award winner Michelle Williams and comedic icon Seth Rogan, which he wrote music for. Regardless of the medium or genre, Andresen captures the meaning of the story behind each and every note, adding to the overall impact of the production and transporting audiences.

“I love to have a part in the story on an emotional level through music. The musical narrative is where the truth lies. The script may have a character deceiving her co-star in the scene, but the music needs to play to the subtext and underlying emotion. As a composer that is the most gratifying endeavor. Sometimes I consider myself more a filmmaker than a composer because it is such a big part of the film production process,” he says.

Andresen recently finished composing the film Leave, set to premiere in September starring celebrated German Actress Alicia Von Rittberg. It was Directed by Alex Herron, a leading director of music videos. They were only half way through the score when Herron began mentioning his upcoming projects. The two had formed a stellar partnership, and a few months later he received a synopsis of a well thought out pitch deck. Andresen was invited to take part in the Director’s next movie, Poor Holly

“I really wanted to work on this next project with Alex because at this point we have developed a very good rapport with each other and our process is flowing nicely. I welcome the collaboration with a director rather than getting a script or a cut of the film and running off on my own. I value the knowledge I get from the director’s point of view on the characters motives and story arc to inform the music. He is a very musical person himself, so given the opportunity to work on this film with him was a no-brainer,” says Andresen.

Poor Holly is a dive into the horror genre for Andresen. It follows Holly and her three friends who just got off school for the summer holiday and don’t have any plans in their sleepy town. The new guy in the group, Chad, suggests they go to his boss’s private island while he is away. As they step foot on the island, they are exploring the beautiful mansion and seeing luxuries they only could dream of. Suddenly, Chad’s boss arrives unexpectedly with some friends and the island turns into a sporting ground for hunting humans. 

“Normally I am not fond of watching horror films or anything scary, but Alex Herron’s films are more character driven with strong character development that although the film is chilling to watch and makes your hairs stand up straight, we also get to attach ourselves more in-depth with the characters,” he said.

Filming of Poor Holly is expected to start this fall in Canada. For Andresen, coming on board this early is a great experience as a composer, who can begin by working on sketches and drafts on themes during pre-production, getting an idea of the story and the characters to know how best to capture it all through the music. This can change drastically between now and the final cut, but Andresen is eager to get started and put his touch on this chilling genre.

Photo by Eleshwa Fahmie

Published by Pooja Agarwal

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