FIFA 23 buy Coins - how to do it without getting banned?

FIFA 23 buy Coins - how to do it without getting banned?

Jan 19, 2023, 11:40:56 AM Sport

There are plenty of myths about buying FUT 23 Coins online. Many people are wrongly afraid to do so, and a sizeable number of players buy incompetently, themselves increasing the risk of getting penalised. FIFA 23 buy Coins is no black magic. It turns out that all you need to do is arm yourself with the right knowledge and the delivery of Coins will not only be effective, but also safe.

Read this article and you'll learn from it how to make sure Coins find their way into your account quickly. We talk about penalties from EA and describe a method to avoid these penalties.

FUT 23 Coins - what penalty for transfer detection?

EA Sports is fighting against external transfers of Coins to players' accounts, constantly improving the ways to detect this. The company threatens to impose transfer market blocks without hesitation, and this does indeed happen. However, this situation happens when Coins are inadvertently transferred to an FUT account. The safest transfer method virtually eliminates this phenomenon. The best FIFA 23 Coins providers often do not record any transfer detections during the year.

Another, slightly milder punishment, but still painful, is the zeroing of the account. All the player's previous achievements then disappear.

FIFA 23 Coins - the safest delivery method

Currently, the most trusted suppliers are using a new script that makes the transfer of Coins to the account look, from EA Sports' point of view, as if the player had normally traded on the transfer market. Delivery is made from different accounts, so nothing is suspicious. Statistics show that, using this method, 99.9% of operations are recorded undetected by the FIFA game developers.

The seller makes the transfer without having to issue player cards. WebApp account details are sufficient. What's more, EA receives its 5% commission, for which you, as the buyer, will not pay a penny. When supplying Coins FIFA 23 for console platforms, you do not need to enter your PSN/XBL account details.

Coins FIFA 23 - what to avoid?

The main danger is the use of inexperienced and untested sellers. Firstly, such an entity does not guarantee honesty. Secondly, due to the small number of operations carried out, they are not able to react in time to EA's algorithm update, which may result in a mishandled delivery.

A seller with several years of experience, who carries out several hundred transfers per day, will always be a better option.

FIFA 23 buy Coins - summary

Although with the most secure transfer method using the latest script, the risk of detection has been reduced to an absolute minimum, it is worth spending the Coins gained in this way fairly quickly. Should the account be zeroed out for some reason, the loss will not be so severe. However, this happens extremely rarely, so if you buy FIFA 23 Coins packs from reliable suppliers, it remains to wait a while for the transfer and enjoy the game.

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