Frazier ‘Kay’ Khattri on his YouTube channel and working with Jarvis

Frazier ‘Kay’ Khattri on his YouTube channel and working with Jarvis

Dec 24, 2022, 5:34:15 AM Entertainment

With millions of fans all over the world, Frazier Khattri is best known as “Kay”, famed influencer and content creator. Khattri has been making videos on YouTube almost since the platform’s inception, beginning with clips of himself playing Call of Duty, slowly growing his audience. Now, with over 6 million subscribers on his main channel and over a million on his second, over 2 billion views, and a combined total of over 4 million followers across all social platforms, he has come a long way from that young boy playing games in Surrey, England.

“It’s obviously a lot of fun and allows a great deal of creative freedom. I essentially work for myself and am rewarded for the amount of work that I put in. Never knowing what video is going to connect with the audience also keeps it very interesting. It’s very collaborative and I have met many interesting people,” says Khattri.

Khattri has had a formidable career as a content creator. At only 17 he was signed to FaZe Clan, the number one gaming organization in the world, with a brand evaluation at USD$400 million according to Forbes. He has since departed from the organization to focus on his own channel and helping to build the brand of his brother, Jarvis, a fellow influencer who he shares a YouTube channel with and acts as a consultant for.

“It is very fun to work with Frazier and also demanding at times. He pushes everyone to be better and gets the best out of people. We have shot some crazy videos that have been physically and mentally demanding, but it always remains fun. He is always on top of the latest trends and stays up to date with the top people in the industry. His consistency is his biggest strength,” says Adrian Borresen, Editor for Frazier and Jarvis.

Growing his channels took years of hard work. Khattri did not know when he began generating content that it would be a career, but he was constantly staying up-to-date with the trends of YouTube. He posted his first ever “real life” video (a video featuring himself and his life rather than gaming clips) in 2013, taking on a well-known YouTube trend where a participant eats a spoonful of cinnamon. It was his premiere video adopting such trends, which began to become the more dominant aspect of his online presence as the time passed. This form of “challenge video” is a constant on Khattri’s channels, always staying up-to-date with what is popular on YouTube and other social media platforms, with videos featuring eating challenges, house and room transformations, boxing challenges, gaming videos, money related challenges, and more. 

“Keeping up with the current trends and continually creating interesting content for people to consume can be a challenge as a creator. If you don’t continually upload all the time, your audience will go elsewhere. I feel like if you do the same thing forever, eventually the platform will move on. Try lots of different styles of content until you find your niche,” says Khattri.

Having been generating videos for the last decade, Khattri’s videos are now more relationship driven, particularly his relationship with his girlfriend Charlotte and, of course, Jarvis. Most of Khattri’s content now features his brother. The two of them spend every day brainstorming ideas with their team for new content, looking at what other people are doing and what’s working currently. From there, they write out what they are hoping to achieve and the vision for the video, then set up the logistics of location, timings, props, organizing people in the videos etc. Content creation is all encompassing, essentially playing the role of writer, director, editor, and producer.

“I always knew my brother Jarvis had a ton of potential if he took YouTube seriously, and I wanted to give him the chance to experience what I was experiencing. For a long time he was against being in videos as he was a young teenager. Eventually he opened up to it and his career took off from there. His popularity on the platform took over from mine at one point, and I'm super proud that I managed to give him this life. From a selfish point of view, I also like having my little brother around rather than doing this all on my own,” says Khattri.

Khattri and his brother have fans all over the world, with millions always on the lookout for their newest video. Their dynamic presence has also allowed them to team up with major brands such as Beats, Nissan, and Rimowa, as well as major motion pictures like The Quiet Place 2, to create promotional content for their channel and audience. 

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