Rigid packaging with multiple applications

Rigid packaging with multiple applications

Jan 23, 2023, 11:10:34 AM Business

Rigid packaging with multiple applications

There is no denying that one of the things customers notice most about the product and when it comes to especially delicate or expensive items, rigid packaging is a must. Luckily the packaging market nowadays offers a lot of options from flexible packaging such as bags, sleeves and such, often made of plastic or paper, to rigid ones that come in many shapes and sizes.

Benefits of rigid packaging and how to choose the perfect box

Main perks of rigid packaging include durability and protection. The types of packaging applications of boxes made of sturdy materials can vary a lot. They can be used to transport and store goods and in some cases when not in use it is easy to just fold it. Sleek angular boxes are also very attractive when it comes to visual presentation of the product.

Packaging materials

Boxes are often made from either plastic or cardboard. Depending on the value as well as fragility of the items some of the materials might be preferred. Plastic can come in variety of types such as high density polyethylene or styrofoam, both of which do a great job in protecting and stabilizing precious items.Plastic packaging is waterproof whilst cardstock or paper one is not. However those materials have other assets like low price and less environmental impact. For example riBOX uses cardboard for their boxes which is one of the most ecological materials. Depending on what the products are sometimes other material is used.

Flexible packaging and rigid packaging - main differensces and what to consider

That's not to say flexible packaging is in any way worse than their mor sturdy counterparts. Many industries seek different things based on the product they sell and the type of packaging plays into that decision. So what to consider when choosing between flexible and rigid options? Of course it is the most important to consider the products themselves. What is their size, what are they made of and so on. For example products that have a liquid form need to be stored in plastic or glass bottles. Sharp objects are also examples of products for which rigid packaging may be the best idea. Therefore it's no surprise that the best choice for the beverage industry might be plastic bottles. On the other hand some products will benefit form the properties of flexible packaging. For example plastic bags work best for putting lots of small objects together. They also often use less material and are adjustable and light. All in all the best choice is one made with the products in mind.

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