CBD Vs. THC – everything you need to know

CBD Vs. THC – everything you need to know

Nov 24, 2021, 7:06:08 AM Life and Styles

A few years back, the growth of the CBD market was minimal. But after legalization, there is a tremendous increase in the market’s worth. It reached almost 20 billion dollars in 2020. Many cannabis consumers started including it in their diet for relaxation. But seldom do they study the components. Many doubt the involvement of CBD and THC to be the same

Here are some facts that can clear your doubts.


Both CBD and THC are cannabinoids taken from cannabis plants, but both are

entirely different in several aspects. Unlike THC, CBD does not intoxicate you. The primary cause of people preferring CBD is its ability to subside the pain. CBD interacts well with natural cannabinoid receptors and sends signals to your body to react aptly in curbing the pain. When the pain signal doesn’t reach your brain, your body starts to relax. Using only CBD and the main component in a cannabis strain allows you to have a pain management technique without having the ‘high’ feeling. Many strains of CBD or cannabis are modified, so the quantity of CBD and THC varies in each strain, which changes the way the product acts. Sour space candy strain is an example of CBD with a THC level as low as 0.03%. Products that have such low THC levels and are majorly CBD dependent are more prevalent among patients suffering from anxiety, stress epilepsy, ADHD, seizures, etc.

It is generally seen that when CBD is combined with a small percentage of THC, the strain works better. It is not that CBD alone is ineffective, but the combination of CBD and THC is preferred more by cannabis users. CBD being-plant based, organic alternative for modern medicines is liked by many. The use of chemicals for a longer period can have adverse effects on your health. Instead of being a cure, it starts giving rise to some other issues. CBD here is a better option for people suffering from chronic diseases as it is much more effective with very few side effects. Studies also show that CBD is beneficial in the treatment of pediatric epilepsy conditions. Further studies are being conducted on the usage of CBD in modern therapies. The inclusion of CBD has already been done by many caregivers, who find it much more effective in improving the patient’s condition.

The side effects associated with CBD consumption are as follows-

  • lightheadedness
  • drowsiness
  • changes in appetite


Like CBD affects the cannabinoid receptors and gives pain relief, THC is also known for providing relaxation similarly. This component is more famous among the users who appreciate the ‘high’ feeling. THC is known for its psychotropic properties. The mental relaxation one receives by consumption of products rich in THC is unmatched. Sometimes the products that have some THC content are chosen over products that have no THC in them. There are strains like sour space candy strain, Rainbow Kush strain, and many more that have very low THC content but are much more effective than those with no THC content. There are many topical products available in the market that have high CBD content and are pretty compelling. Such products don’t require an ingredient. These products are sold as they are with high CBD content. THC as a component is preferred only in products that can be consumed through vaping or ingestion.

There are oils available that can become a part of your daily regimen for the relaxation of your body. These oils have CBD as an important ingredient and work miracles over the affected area. The legalization has taken place in recent years, the prolonged use of CBD, THC, and its effects still need a lot of research. Topical products work better on arthritis-related joint pain or pain in the jaws.CBD and THC are both absorbed by the bloodstream and remain in your body for several weeks. They remain stored in your fats and can show a positive result on a drug test even after several weeks of use. It takes time for CBD and THC to wash out from your system thoroughly.

Normally, the concentration of CBD is more in hemp, while the concentration of THC is more in cannabis. They both are considered entirely safe to use. Some of the side effects might be due to their reaction with other drugs or medicines that you consume, along with CBD and THC products. The CBD flower has products made out of it that help patients deal with different issues. The diseases in which THC proves to be beneficial are-

  • Helps in insomnia
  • The onset of Alzheimer’s
  • It helps with migraine and anxiety.
  • Helpful in psychosis and ADHD.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a cannabis plant-derived oil. Most products constitute toxic chemicals that may show instant relief, but prolonged use of chemicals can result in other issues arising. Sometimes overdose of chemicals can also result in permanent damage. CBD and THC, both being organic and plant-based by-products, are good alternatives to chemical products. They are very effective in providing relief to Cancer patients also. A dermatologist and skin cancer surgeon at the Cedars-Sinai Cosmetic Dermatology Program, using a Cannabidiol topical on your skin is likely to rejuvenate the damaged cells.


Both CBD and THC interact with your body’s endocannabinoid system, but the effects are different. They both have similar molecular structure as well. Although there are similarities, the psychotropic properties are what makes them different. CBD does not have psychotropic effects. Together they can be used to treat chronic illnesses. They have miraculous effects on different problems. Both the compounds are natural and are derived from the same plant– cannabis sativa. CBD content is more in cannabis while THC content is more in hemp. If you are a fan of the ‘high’ sensation then you can always take products that are high on THC. If you want all the positive effects of the compound but do not want the high feeling then you can choose products that are high in CBD.

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