Seven Quality Online Comics for all ages

Seven Quality Online Comics for all ages

Apr 6, 2021, 6:21:30 PM Business

 Independent comics and especially comics online (aka webcomics) can be challenging to sort through for the reader. There are so, so many comics out there that finding those shiny pearls of great writing mixed with quality art feels almost impossible. Then throw into the mix that you’d like to find a comic that is good for a younger audience and you can find yourself completely lost.

 Three of the webcomic hosting sites that really dominate the scene are Comic Fury, Webtoons and Tapas (which also has free novels that are written a chapter a week). Once on the home page for any of these sites you are flooded with hundreds of titles, all free and some are brilliant, others are clearly done by novices still finding their footing.

 These are some comics that deserve some attention, and are well worth a read through. Some of these have been compiled and printed as regular comics so if you enjoy them, you can always check for the printed issues on Amazon as well.

The Dragon in The Closet -on Comic Fury

By Carolyn Watson Dubisch

This comic is written and drawn like a children’s book and pulls in classic fairy tales, even referencing Jack and The Bean Stalk. It follows a boy named Orin Bean his Nana who seems to have magical powers and a dragon that can see the future. The art is very good and the story has been very engaging so far. Updates to this comic are each Saturday.

Beeswax -on Comic Fury

By John Martin

Launched in 2015 the comic follows a family of bees.Laid out like a classic newspaper comic strip it’s updated daily with black and white strips during the week and color on Sundays. The comic follows a family of cartoon bees and is full of gags and one liners.The main character is Beezwax and stories focus mostly on him and his wife Honeybee and their son Stinger.

Wolf Boy and The Magical Warriors on Webtoons

By Miguel Guerra and Suzy Diaz

Due to an unfortunate carriage accident as a baby, “Wolf Boy” is a bold young man who happens to have been raised by wolves. He teams up with an ape going by the name of Monkey King and Tess, a foul tempered amazon girl. It’s a funny and well designed comic you’ll find yourself coming back to each Wednesday for the new chapter.

Safely Endangered -on Webtoons

By Chris McCoy

Creator Chris McCoy is hilarious. Safely Endangered is drawn in a simple style but still very skilled and usually each “episode” is a one off joke that often makes you laugh out loud each and every time. This one is updated every Monday and Wednesday, it’s been running for some years and has a huge backlog of comics to laugh your way through.

Just Pancakes on Webtoons

By HadeToons

Cooking isn’t magic, but when three wizards run a tavern I guess everything must be done with magic. This zany comic follows three wizard brothers, Wetzel, Shelby and Ebus through their misadventures and poor customer service. New episodes go up every Thursday and Saturday.

The Horribles on Tapas

By Carolyn Watson Dubisch

Rendered in black and white, The Horribles, labels itself as a horror comic for kids. It’s Halloween every day in this town of monsters. The primary character is “Creature” short for The Creature from under the bed. He’s joined by a child witch named Sylvia, Roddy, a zombie monkey, a cyclops girl, and many more. This updates on Sundays and it looks like it will be relaunching in color very soon.

Spindleweb on Tapas

By Kokoneos

Launched in 2017 and based on the story of Cinderella, this story is beautifully drawn and is a really charming fantasy romance. The story is full of magic and the characters are well developed. Updates come each Friday.

All in all there are some fantastic webcomics out there, and these seven make a great introduction to the media for young people.

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