What is a volunteer abroad program?

What is a volunteer abroad program?

Sep 30, 2021, 3:51:06 PM News

 Volunteering, therefore, is much more than simply traveling abroad. By doing this program, you will make a real social contribution to the community. At the same time, you can also gain valuable experience and the social engagement will give you the feeling of having done something useful. During your stay abroad, you will have the opportunity to explore the host country away from mass tourism, to get an authentic insight into the daily life of the local people.


Destinations for international volunteering 

As a student at an EF school, you can enrich your experience by volunteering abroad. This type of program is available at all of our schools in the United States, Canada and Australia, for example, you can collaborate with an NGO (non-governmental organization) to carry out various missions. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information about these programs, and of course, you can also find volunteer projects of all kinds (humanitarian, eco-volunteering, etc.) in Africa, Asia or Eastern Europe.


Requirements for a volunteer abroad program

APTITUDE - The essential skills for volunteering abroad are adaptability, flexibility and openness. You will face many difficulties and real culture shock on a daily basis. This process may take some time until you get used to your new environment. For this reason, you will not only need to be patient, but you must also be able to do without your usual environment.


AGE - You must be of adult age to participate in a volunteer abroad program. However, if you choose to work with a private organization as a volunteer abroad, there are programs that allow you to participate as young as 16 or 17 years old.


VISA- If you are interested in volunteering in the European Union, you only need a valid passport. For an extended stay in a foreign project in the United States, for example, you need a work visa in most cases. We invite you to find out what are the necessary requirements to work in the destination of your choice as soon as possible.


VACCINATIONS- For some destinations, you will need different vaccinations to prevent diseases before departure. At the same time, you will also receive an accident and international insurance, in case something happens during your stay abroad.


LANGUAGES- Knowledge of the local language is not mandatory, but is always considered an advantage. Having good knowledge of English helps to communicate with most of the local population in many countries.


PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE- For most volunteer projects abroad, no previous experience is necessary. However, if you decide to work in the medical field, you may need a minimum of prior experience. Therefore, we encourage you to inquire about this in advance to ensure that we offer you the right position.

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