Camps in Leh Ladakh—your guide to the very best

Camps in Leh Ladakh—your guide to the very best

Sep 2, 2016, 2:10:57 AM Life and Styles

A good way to celebrate this beautiful world is to camp, it means to get away far from the madding crowd, to live under the open sky, and taste the adventure of a lifetime. Camping in Ladakh, amidst the high Himalayas, is equivalent to meditation or introspection. The astonishing landscapes of Ladakh make it apt for a romantic camping destination. Spread out in a dramatic form, with fluttering prayer flags all around you, Ladakh evokes a nomadic love, a far cry from every possible holiday you have been on. When in Ladakh, the best way to experience its heart is by staying close to nature; camping across the various destinations here can sure prove to be a great way to explore the beauty of Ladakh.



Published by Pranav Ghelani

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