Culture…..Any Idea???

Culture…..Any Idea???

We often get to hear this word in many occasions particularly in the places where you get targeted and trolled around so easily and can never escape with out getting hurt! Aren’t we?

In-fact we made it so wrong in assumption and carried in our thoughts this long in a perfectly misleading way. Indeed we feel so prestigious for covering ourselves in the masked colours of culture!

I agree, We stand tall in terms of cultural values which are meant to showcase the history and charm of the place we belong, the occupations and working styles we handed each day to stand here today. The main idea behind passing them is to promote the proper behavior and incorporate the same habitat for all good but do we think it is featuring the same way we planned, No absolutely not.

Instead we are using it for promoting hatred, distraction and violence which no real culture promotes, so think a while before you actually act in the feel of safe guarding culture and exhibit minimum ethics of life to see people around you doing their deeds out of satisfaction for their sake instead of culture police around them.

Main aim of any culture is to safeguard people by creating, participating and sharing the Values they are inherited with, Volumes they are blessed with and Virtues they earned..

Wishing everyone these Culture Days!!

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