Do you know my feelings??

Do you know my feelings??

Apr 27, 2017, 3:28:10 AM Opinion

Don’t know when it started..
From the first time I have seen you..
I will think of you every minute, every second..
What are you doing?
Where are you right now? oh, baby!
Even When I look around..
Even when I choose…
You will always be in my heart..
I feel like I am going crazy, soon..
Do you know how I feel?
Do you know my feelings?
I just want to look at you every single day..
Only I understand you..
I only LOVE you..
Even if this is only love, I also feel, that time is exceptionally precious..
I don’t feel like doing anything without you..
Every morning…
I want to see you the moment I open my eyes..
Now that you are not there..
I cannot live on even for a day…
The phrase “I love you”..
I want to hear from you…
Loving you every day..
I only love you..
Just the two of us…

Origin: Playful Kiss

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Published by Pranavya Mandapati

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