Lost in way ??

Lost in way ??

Sep 3, 2016, 3:26:03 AM Opinion

Got to see from an influencer post that: Only ask “WHY?” when you can gain. Never ask it when you know there is no answer.

I know it is wise to act so, but don’t know why my heart don’t get it right as always!..

I know that he don’t think as much as I do but still why I am this mad for him when the hell he feels I’m not made for him…

Why always I fall weak in knees for him?

I have great interest in self-respect yet don’t know what overcomes it in his case.

Why the damn I’m lost in him when I won’t receive the same ?

What am I low to him for such treatment??

Will he get a girl who loves him more than me….I bet he won’t!

I really feel bad as he don’t realize this fact…Poor guy!

Let him pay the cost by losing me!

He will get to know on a fine day of perfect timings, the worth he lost…

That day, that min. he understands the meaning of real pain…what I am going through all the while!!

Which drills one’s heart so deep that no drug can heel..

Love #Sweet@feel #Bad@facts# Pain@heart#


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