My undestined voyage!!

My undestined voyage!!

Dec 14, 2016, 2:39:01 AM Opinion

I started my voyage with a hope of holding your hand at distant invisible shores.
The start of the journey was plain pleasant and soothing with you virtually beside me and with a hope of our long awaiting meet.

The distance seemed to be at a hands distance though you are far way on an unknown island.
With growing desperation to see you soon,hold you soon and kneel down and express the years long unexpressed feelings and a nap on your lap I have been sailing day in and day out.

With unpleasantries being part of life and as heavy havoc can struck the giant ships I feel as if I am being struck down in the middle of the ocean with you being faded away. Don’t know if that is my illusion or in real .

I was roaring in middle of the ocean,my throat is drenching with thirst and my heart is aching as if a heavy hard rock is placed on my chest and my face is soaked with unceased tears rolling down from eyes.

Desperation of meeting you keeping me alive,My angel do not let me die, Give me a hope,I will raise from beneath and swim across any adversaries.

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With love (Pranavya)

Published by Pranavya Mandapati

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