What makes life fulfilled?

What makes life fulfilled?

Sep 7, 2016, 1:22:12 AM Life and Styles

Is it by chance with love/friendship/family..
To me, it is something different!!
I agree, the choices are completely personal and indeed should be..
So let me showcase my theme of fulfillment with this instance:
Imagine a scene of life where you feel complete with some folks, but unfortunately they don’t..

They always check for that one stone in everything you do to hit you black and blue..
You can say that you will pull such people out from your list, but understand they don’t do that right in-front instead they do it in dark where you have no single idea how it works!
They keep in touch with your friendly and unfriendly folks but mind with different faces and voices..

They are so attractive in speech that everyone want to take their side instead of yours!
Its so common to feel disgusted when your talks are not hitting the right notes..
That minute you feel, how painful it is accompaning such people but badly it is so hard to expose them to all, as one should go through to know it well..
Here is the place where you should note your mistake of choice and get a learning!!

But frankly these are unavoidable in life, all of us falls in such for atleast once, if not they should be flagged lucky for not feeling lost…
Always accompany your mistake with a proper learning for not facing them again!
I heartily suggest every single to be balanced in life rather than spiked and enjoy a quality fulfilled life with a duo of mistakes and learnings!


Published by Pranavya Mandapati

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